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Meow the Hedgehog..... is unhappy.

By jollyjack
Lock your doors.
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Oh I don’t know, because you’re some fucked up bloodthirsty abomination?
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And there goes my good night's sleep for a LONG time. I hope you're happy. XD

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I've been keeping all my doors and windows locked, especially the back kitchen door, ever since I saw the original Pet Sematary on cable .
Somehow I doubt that would keep Meow away.
Fortunately I've aged out of Meows target demographic so I can just enjoy this
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“Well see, the Internet got all up in their feelings, and we had no guts to stand firm. So, we’re punishing you for our cowardice.”
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I can see someone remembers the old design
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Cuz you ugly as sin and murder children.
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Lesson to the wise: love your kids. Not only because you should, but because there’s the astronomically small chance that if you don’t, you’re making a monster.
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Keep going, the line has been crossed long time ago... keep going

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But... why... who did this... Who hurt you and broke you?
stop this

stop this right now
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and im terrified now 
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Why does his face reminds me of that glitched "EHAEHUEHUE"Sims kid?
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Think I'll add a chain and another deadbolt while I'm at it. My bedroom door could probably use a deadbolt too.

We already saw how effective that was against him, fucking appeared in the corner of some kids room just to drag his body body from the bed to out the window....

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lol! What inspired this? The first movie teaser?

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Take a wild guess, you freak...
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Well, isn't this the creepiest early Christmas present ever.

(I know it's November, but I'm in the Philippines, so Thanksgiving means nothing to me!)
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If I was said daddy I'd probably be pulling out phone book thick stack of papers listing the reasons warranting the loss of love.

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Yeah, a shotgun is good too.

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Dude you nearly killed me 🤣
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*picks the little guy up as i smile behind my grafted on mask and and in my suit* "i lost my children during the 1356 famine..." *holds the little blue thing to me* "father is here.... father loves you... and father needs more tails.. bring me more tails my baby boy"
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literally no one ever:

studios: we bought a beloved intellectual property and now we'll make a movie that looks absolutely nothing like it!

never understood that logic XD

also he looks like some kind of an abomination birthed by ten of our april fools in a row XD
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