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Last Man Standing

By jollyjack
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Another Red Dwarf 'toon.
Dave Lister, the last human in the universe, and his Scutter buddy, Bob.

(A Scutter is kinda like an astromech droid, except, while R2D2 will fix your ship, a Scutter is as likely to nick it.)
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This is wonderful. I hope you don't mind I posted this on a Red Drawf fans page on Facebook. It has had alot of lovely comments and I have credited you on the post and told people where to find your work on here. Any problems or if you're unhappy with me posting this I will take it down. I am a Red Dwarf lifelong superfan and these are by far some of the best artwork I have discovered.

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i love ur red dwarf art sm i gonna CRYYYYY
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These is what I always imagined him doing all days 🤣
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Yep, this is definitely Lister - charming, likable, relatable and utterly disgusting =)
I always need more Red Dwarf fanart, there is not enough! Thank you for creating it!
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I don't see too much red Dwarf fan art in my searches on here. Glad to see this one, though.
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So cute! Love the Vindaloo everywhere, truly the only thing he eats.
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Thats was missing in DA.
Red Dwarf humor!!
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I've always wondered what Scutters would look like if they were anthromorphic. Like some kind of janitor, I figure.
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This is too perfect!! :D
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Just a minor complaint: his original guitar was a white Ovation with too few strings.
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LOVE that SHow!
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Lister the best man in the world, even if is some what clumsy at times and just wants to have fun an never take anything serious.
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A vindaloooo and lager.
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Aaaa this is lovely! You really captured the atmosphere of that flying trashcan of a ship. 
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One of the greatest Sci-Fi Sitcoms around. I've heard they plan on making two more series.
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So completely, disgustingly cute Lister. Vindaloo and beer with Bob. Magnificent sir.
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"hang on holly,you telling me everyone's dead?!"
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or be smashed to bits by the handful because some smeghead of an idiot hologram decides to cold start the main engines... while their down for maintenance. 
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Lister...have you ever been hit over the head with a welding mallet?
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Lister don't hum and don't make any stupid sounds with your cheeks!
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This is excellent- one of my favorites of your art, even the curry is there, it's perfect 
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him dressed as a mini robocop"of course larger, the only thing that can kill a vindaloo"
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