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Kat Morticia

Kat and Art as Morticia and Gomez Addams.

The subject of this pin-up was decided by my patrons -…

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I love the very Morticia passive-aggressive flirtatiousness with the tail

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I like to think that in their universe, Morticia really was played by a cat in that show.

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Very nice. I loved this show.

Daradadan...!🎶 (snap snap)

Daradadan! Daradadan! Daradadan!🎶 (Snap snap)

I would die for her!

I would kill for her!

...either way, what bliss

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A fun character dress-up, thanks for sharing!

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Gomez and Morticia, what a healthy marriage should look like.

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Yes, Because they loved each other and their Family unconditionally.

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Ooh they ar perfect for this!! and akt looks especially fantastic as morticia :D

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One of the best couples in TV history

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Ah, a delightful classic and those two together,


Hmm. Is he not suppose have a big GRIN on his face? :D

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I love how her tail stretches round his leg, very cute.

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Can she speak French to drive Gomez and me wild?

Great work!

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Ah... that was such a great TV show....

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they both look good

Have you been reading 'Furstone' again?

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Haha, awesome! :)

Arty Gomez
Cousin Pip
Aunty Festers (Scarlett and the squirrels)
Grandmama Vance
Hilary as Lurch
Evil Denizen guy as Thing

I don’t know who’d I pick from the Sequential Art to be Pugsley and Wednesday 😟
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Vanity Thorn as Wednesday, not sure who would be Pugsley though.

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