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I got an email from someone, suggesting that my voice would suit The Joker.
I quickly made a recording of me saying something Joker-y and played it back.....

....naaaah. I'm too English to be a Joker......but I'm better than Brent Spiner was in Young Justice.....

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Reminds me of Jeff Bennet's portrayal a bit. 
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This web site needs an enema!
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Reminds me a bit of Under the Red Hood Joker...
Probably the eyes...
Great work regardless!
FREETZO's avatar
I really REALLY like this Joker!
mightywardog's avatar
you sound a lot like manchester black from "superman vs the elite"
wolf75's avatar
First off, great drawing, but I have a question it me or does it look like he jerked off on a wall behind him, and that's why he's so happy?...Like Joker cumshot graffiti haha
Always remember, no matter how off you may sound (you're voice was pretty decent by the by) your never as bad as Scooby Doo Joker.
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LOL. Link scared the bejeeberz outta me. Nice job on the Joker... not my favorite supervillan, but good job!
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Do you use vector drawing when making your work?
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nothing like a good grin to make the day go round:D
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Like this one :D Big smile
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Oh god this one is awesome. :D
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Why this is so good? WHY? WHY I LIKE THIS? Why you made Joker bether XD.
Tumas-Muscat's avatar
You should consider doing some voice-acting work!
ArtRebel2012's avatar
the laugh is good though
CKritNerdGirl's avatar
I fell over laughing. You would make an amazing Joker. Its the laugh that killed me.
Connorses's avatar
You may not be the joker but you do have a great voice. Have you ever considered getting a job doing that?
zero-metallix's avatar
i don't know, your laugh isn't too bad.

though i agree with the others, you would make a good bond villian
Hybrid616's avatar
That's a good Joker. 10/10.
ConnorCat's avatar
I agree I really didn't like the voice they used for the Joker in Young Justice. So far, though, that's the only complaint I've had about the series. I loves that show!
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I would have to agree. If you were to remove the influence of your English accent, it would be damn near perfect. The laugh at the end is incredible.
DamenRed's avatar
well you definitely would make a great English version :D
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