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If Chloe Met Paprika

Little one-shot page.
If the over-sexed Chloe Sinclaire met Mirka Andolfo's under-serviced Paprika.

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I’m surprised Chloe just doesn’t jump paprika out of principal.

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This is definitely a conundrum for our lovely Chloe.

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This would be an epic crossover to see :D

"Oh HONEY....we have GOT to get you laid, NOW!!"

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Paprika take her renown to england (with Mirka too)

I'm italian and I'm so pround of them ^^ thank you for the cameo!

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She would never make it past one week of No Nut November. Maybe less than one week.

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Her brain - Warning, we have reach max computing power understanding this concept. Please send ice, cold water ANYTHING before we melt out the user's ears

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I know it isn't a reference. . . But why does this make me think of Zoolander?

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Paprika looks like of Mindy St Claire from "The Good Place". (Who also had an underservicing problem.)

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That's a new expression for Chloe, that bottom panel.

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We've never seen her brain melt before.

Sooo… seven years of what?

No lovely-dovey stuff?

No giant transformation experiments?

Without masturbating

Apparently her partners need to step up their game.

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i think her brain broke

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Nothing in seven years? Ouch!

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i volunteer my services to help Paprika with her 'problem'. as well as service Chole too. uwu

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7 years... *yawn* Too easy.

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Well, I cannot say I blame her. Such frustrations suck. <3

I think that this is the first time I’ve seen Chloe in actual pain. And it’s not a pretty sight…

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