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I Just Can't Look Away


Are you aware of what the word “Deviant” means?
Then you can’t complain about content.

Is the “show mature content” box ticked in your DeviantArt browsing setting?
Then you can’t complain about content.

Rather than just moving on, do you keep returning to the section of the gallery where an image you think offensive is found?
Then you can’t complain about content.

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He does have a point there.

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I wish I gave a fuck what people think. I just don't. :ManI'mPretty:

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I can't believe I'm saying this, but I wish that Deviant Art would support the first part of their name more. 
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I can't stand these types of people. I applaud to you sir well doneClap 
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this has no mature content filter >:(
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Clap Thank you for that tip about icons.  I learned something new. Thanks!I am a dummy! 
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OMG, Jollyjack drew boobs and stuff?! How dare he! Now I'm going to b*tch, whine, and stamp my feet because one image on the internet hurt my deilcate wittle feelings.

...Nobody f*cking cares if you're offended, and apparently nobody informed you that you're opinion is not that f*cking important.

I still love the cynical hamster, does he have a name?
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My girlfriend and I are currently having the exact same scenario with this hypocrite who faves any sexual art as long as it is unlated to Samus... so true...
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That's... rather specific.
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To be honest, I wouldn't either coz I have too much respect for the character. But if they're complaining about it then they just need to move along, people should be allowed to draw whatever they want! :D
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"Everywhere I go is MY safe space and you gotta respect it. Sure, by doing this I'm violating your freedom and being a giant hypocrite, but the world revolves around me, so fuck you and do as I say"
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It's ur responsibility as an internet user what content u focus on .. don't resent the options just because u have different tastes in media and art .. I'm starting to get sick of the over use and abuse if the term OFFENDED .. I'm glad when people can say or think or express something different than what I would have because that makes the world more interesting .. not that I'm boring but how selfish would I have to be to limit everyone else to my ideas and preferences .. let's let peeps be peeps peeps.. 
Maybe here's what's going on, at least some of the time: A person is drawn by the sexual content. We're sexual creatures, most of us are drawn by sexual contant and we can't help that. But then the actual image clashes with the way they view themselves; maybe just  because it's sexy and they were brought up thinking sex is dirty, but it could be for any number of reasons a particular piece offends. And yet they can't deny the draw despite their conditioning. So now the image is making them feel uncomfortable about themselves, which quickly turns to anger. If the image wasn't there, they think, then they wouldn't have felt this confusing and unpleasant way in the first place.
I'm not saying anyone should stop uploading the sexy stuff - god no! I'm just wondering about what's behind this particular behaviour. Though annoying, it may be a little understandable, and a little sad.
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Its not just DA.  Society seems to love to operate like this anymore.
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It's real simple. Just go. I've seen plenty of shit I wished I hadn't but chose to move on and forget it rather than stay and whine for an hour.
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Very true... But for some, whining is a pleaseure, and "reporting" their way to feel powerful. There were a lot of "reporters" in Europe during WW2...
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Mature Content filter = Best Filter
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I have my mature content filter on all the time.
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