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How to play Mirror's Edge

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Funny. My experience was the same.
Except mine stoped at step 2.

Still wondering the same 10 years later
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Wow. You and I had a very different experience.
Funny, dud/ette! Though, I haven't gotten to the end of the game yet, I think the last panel is just for the demo. Correct me if I'm wrong, though.
roguetitan666's avatar
That is the third time you've said "meh".
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Steps 3-5 are why I stay away from first person video games altogether. That and not having a 360 degree view of the character's immediate surroundings.
It IS funny. Granted, it doesn't express my views - I come from a different gaming background than the current generation and have been waiting forever for this sort of game to ditch the ubiquitous third-person camera, and I certainly didn't have any of those problems - but laughing at rather than with the narration doesn't make it any less funny.
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LOL thats exactly how the game is
roguetitan666's avatar
This used to be kind of funny, and now it's just whiny. No offense.
I wonder if you, Jollyjack, can be commissioned to do a comic in this style about Romeo and Juliet.
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Everyone commenting here is an asshole.
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I hated that game with a burning passion!  Glad to someone else who didn't buy into all the "Greatest Game Ever" BS that was thrown around when this POS hit the market.
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Mirror's Edge was amazing if you didn't suck at it...but I like the cartoon
fbi12345's avatar
DUde WHY are you suppose to hide? your suppose to keep moving!
Giltmastermind's avatar
But the theme song! Damn!!!
Scootie-chan's avatar
haha, I actually love it very much~ >w<
In a way, it reminded me of an old favorite, Breakdown. Something about being inside of the character, it's exhilarating~ **
The second Mirror's Edge, which will be open world, I'm very excited about~! *u*
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I enjoyed most of the game, the movement system was fun. If I could change two things, it would be the moments where you *have* to fight (those drove me nuts) and that horridly anticlimatic ending.
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I remember a friend who acted like the game was on RE4 or Bioshock level of greatness when I rented it I found it to be meh worthy
TheEvilPeanut's avatar
Mirrors edge was flawed, but awesome. Cannot wait for the second one!
ImaginationKing's avatar
Could Mirror's Edge be frustrating at times?... Yes, but nonetheless , it was an interesting experience, and i enjoyed it. It also faired on store shelves well enough that a sequel is now official... unfortunately not until the Ps4 arrives *sad face*

Great comic, great job, i thought that it was ironically acurate, but humorous.
Dante-Dark-Valentine's avatar
"It's like living in an iPod!" kkkkkkkkkkkk
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Well, I didn't run into 3-5(maybe PC version differs from 360), and I loved the cutscenes.
Still love your HTPs though :D
DidoJeff's avatar
Assassin's Creed.
You can see your character in relation to the environment... oh and open world =D!
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