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How To Play TIE Fighter

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, LucasArts made GOOD use of the Star Wars licence......
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I do love how the licensed books tap-dance around why the TIE-ad Avengers were sent away from Endor. It's all because Palpatine had starfighters on his shit list for some reason and didn't want anyone claiming that they maybe had something to do with his inevitable victory over The Rebellion, you see. A genius who manipulated every event in the galaxy in such a way that every possible angle is covered for over four decades and he deliberately sent away some of his best weapons from a crucial battle because he wanted all the credit to go to the Death Star II. I'm sure you'll agree that this is very consistent characterisation.
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Don't forget playing the training sims to get an idea of what it's like to have shields and missiles.
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Babysitting the Lambda Shuttle part was my favorite part of this comic
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I loved it so much... please we need a remake ! ^^
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One of the best PC games ever made. 
LoL @ the last panel. I've never played this game before but now I kind of want to.  Do you think it would play on the newer computers?  I grew up with the rogue squadron games which I find to be very good. Any chances on a how to plays for those?
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Pretty sure it does still work. Although the graphics are...quite flat. Here's some youtube videos.…
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Can you do VTMB?
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I can ABSOLUTELY relate to this (especially #3, that was the best part!)
Oh for the days when Lucas' beard didn't absorb all the nutrients from his once magnificent brain.
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That takes me back. Sitting in a TIE fighter cockpit and having avoid every single laser blast.
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Ah. TIE fighter. Good times. X-wing, too.
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OMG. This brings back many good memories. I believe I wore out my Thrustmaster joystick on this game. I absolutely loved it when you finally got to fly a Defender. BEST fighter EVER!!!!!

You are so correct, this was quite possibly the best use of the licence EVER!
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Funny comic, dude.
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Good lord, this brings back memories! Not that I was any good at it, mind you.
I remeber playing this game 10 years ago. I've been trying to find it again but have had no luck. Did anyone happen to find it?
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Panel eight DOES make sense if you take into account that it'd hardly be an ambush if your most famous elite squadrons all happened to be in easy reach of the ambush point.
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"Ewoks Suck" awesome shirt.
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that is just like on for he nintendo 64 only you rebel
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I recently started playing this again. The graphics haven't aged well at all, and yet the game is still a blast.
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