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Hot Kat 2013

It's too damn hot here.
We're running higher temperatures than the Mediterranean, our roads are melting, our shoddy railways are warping and London appears to be on fire.
It's more than Kat's little fan can deal with!
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kitsune2008's avatar
Funny how Kat wanted to make her breasts bigger. She's already big enough to knock someone out if she swung around too fast.
DeathofInk's avatar
Oh I get it! XD
jesternario's avatar
You know, when I read the comic, for some reason, I always hear kat's voice as if it's being done by Grey Delisle.
sharpenr's avatar
I have always loved the underlying structure you impart into your characters. Never a bad pose [that i've seen].
PrivateDoomsday's avatar
 With extremely hot temperatures in the summer, (it was SO DANG HOT, in the middle of Kentucky, during the summer; (especially with no public pools or even a YMCA center, where I least not according to anything I know of.) I don't blame her.

 Anyways, that is excellent work; it does give me an idea, now that you mention it!
hvgtd's avatar
Kat is one of my favorite characters, I also enjoy how she and Art are mostly oblivious to their attraction to each other despite everyone and thing that points to it. Think you could do a teaser image of what it would look like if she and Art had kids?
Jitterladybug's avatar
Question! *raises hand* What print is her t-shirt? 

DanNorcross's avatar
You know, i bet you she'd be cooler if she took it all off! :D
skyounkinzero's avatar
Love me some Kat!  :)

Ajkyvonne's avatar


:iconflexplz: Cool!

LesGoo887's avatar
that is SEXEH O3O
The-Psychonaut's avatar
Dude. It's 110 every fucking day where I live. Heh. How bad could it be?
DolphinSilverwolf's avatar
"Art, your nose is bleeding..."
Snowy-kun's avatar
Hot indeed. Great work.
Capt-Topknot's avatar
One wonders, do you ever let people color your drawings?
The-Psychonaut's avatar
He doesn't seem to mind as long as you credit him. I'd send him a note first before you go for it.
WickedPrince's avatar
We had our pre-Indian Summer, about two weeks worth of nearly unbearable heat. My roomie has been talking about turning the heat back on because he's tired of wearing his winter duds in the house. O.O
Marshall123x's avatar
its hot here in the stats too jack. the other day my fire caught fire.
AbsoluteDebauchery's avatar
Your SURE are hot, here you seem thirsty, I have a BIG bottle of milk, just give it a second...DING!!! Ready...:iconifyouknowhatimeanplz:
GatzTdaMax's avatar
London's on fire... again?  How many times does that make it now? XD
verge-1's avatar
I wonder how a certain human roommate will react to her position in such hot weather awesomeHDplz  
NathanTheMoldy's avatar
Meh, sadly not get me on, but it's still good! x3
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