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He brought you a prezzie

A Mother's Day gift (believe it or not) featuring our family's idiot cat, Sully.
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i dont know why...but he sounds Russian in my head...maybe german
over the last 30 plus year's mah mother has had around 20 cat's so this is not uncommon at her house. it is however infinitly funny because regaurdless of there condition she is deathly afraid of mice, rat's etc.
MrArtvader101's avatar
My cat on a yearly basis.
Lirschen's avatar
ahahahaha x'D Such a unamused face xD
PowerStroke3's avatar
persian cat im guessing :)
grenoreo's avatar
my cat bring me squirls, rabbits, frogs, lizards, snakes, all kinds of stuff
MiniMonster767's avatar
I love his expression! :XD:
zumbiebunny's avatar
my dog did that with baby skunks -_-
I would pay for an airplane ticket just so you could draw the shit our Manx Bob does
RivisIndigoEmporium's avatar least he brought you a whole mouse as opposed to just the head like my friend's cat did... ^^;
Longtalon1's avatar
my cat brought it to us half eaten, he cauht it himself without any claws. o.o
Longtalon1's avatar
that's Smokey Joe alright. ;) [link]
RivisIndigoEmporium's avatar
Awww...! So dapper...! :aww:
KlarkKentThe3rd's avatar
I wish I had a cat...
Kaynime's avatar
thats nothing - my big, burly cat once bought me a freaking BAT!
He kindly left it in the bathroom so it could terrify me ant 2am
SilverKazeNinja's avatar
Did you name him Ozzy, by any chance?
Kaynime's avatar
No, Jack, but dammit that would have been awesome!
ichbastele's avatar
Ours brought home a squirrel. Live of course, and missing its tail, so after we were done getting the blasted thing out of the house we had some nice blood splatter across the walls and furniture to clean up. Delightful afternoon.
JayRoseberry's avatar
gotta love the expression :D
morgan1bucky's avatar
Wow, that is exactly what my cats do....and my one cat looks like almost the same....scary
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