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Richard E Grant Loki is Best Loki.

(He certainly had the best theme tune! - )
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Me encanto, soy nueva en esto del dibujo pero puedo decir que lo sabes hacer bastante bien :)

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Your use of color is great. That and I love the expression on his face. Very nice!

I love the art very good use of colour as well

byjoyart's avatar

oh yeah lol, i Love it! :oo

Omg that looks cool

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Most self-aware Loki, and he went out like an absolute unit of a boss.

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lol that's a funny look for loki

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It was an epic episode, it was awesome, It was glorious.

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truly a man whose seen a quiet life and to later find what he needed

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holy shit this is amazing!

man comic loki is brilliant

Ishouldbewritinglol's avatar

Loki yeeesssss I loved that episode

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*Holding Out for a Hero plays in the background*

He looks like the green goblin with a normal face and yellow instead of purple. Not saying that’s a bad thing, just saying what I see. Good pic tho

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Remember folks, without an epic villain, the hero has nothing much to do.

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Did you see this character appear in the latest Disney/Marvel show Loki?

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its comic loki!

been a while since i saw one

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He's in episode 5 of the Disney+ show Loki, played by Richard E. Grant.

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You did not...hear...of the live action Loki show?

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well if its live action, no wonder

i ignore whatever is live action, outside of movies

i prefer animation

DarthDestruktor's avatar

It is worth it, my friend.

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