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From the crayons of G. Lucas

By jollyjack
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His fingerprints were everywhere.......
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"Oh no, he's getting out of hand again, someone quickly grab a cash salad he needs to ingest twenties immediately!"
Andrewnuva199's avatar
Say what you want about George, but Steven still let him add those elements.
Iron1Fox's avatar
Yeah but Geroge was the producer, meaning he was supplying some of the money as well as other services. 
general-sci's avatar
You wish it was all him.
TheSyFyFan's avatar
lol,lol, I Love this! epic work!
podtech115's avatar
This is awful! The poor guy had enough! You want to see what a real bad Star Wars movie is going to feel like? Just wait and see what disney does to it.
jollyjack's avatar
Given the writer and director they have on board, I think DisneyWars#1 is gonna be AWESOME.
kennyg302's avatar
Funny enough, I enjoyed that movie in it's entirety. 
BondoFox's avatar
There was a 4?
DJ-Bleach's avatar
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Chinoconchino's avatar
I'm enjoying this image more than I should... I regret nothing.
KelpieQueen27's avatar
Little George Lucas is so adorable! :love:
atomiccatz's avatar
So i'am guessing George Lucas was invited to do parts of the movie but he wanted to fix more than just his bunch of scenes? He must've known this sequel was starting to go downhill right in the middle of production. O_O
arionquill's avatar
LOL I had this thought EXACTLY! Let the Oscar-winning director make the decisions, Lucas!
bonjourmonami's avatar
I think this is one of my absolute faves of your artwork.
ZaftigBunnyPress's avatar
I can't stop laughing!
MaxDrawsFatsMostly's avatar
They're not gophers, they're chipmunks. :B
What-the-Gaff's avatar
Chipmunks? I'm quite sure they're prairie dogs.
MaxDrawsFatsMostly's avatar
They're not prairie dogs, they're hamsters. B:<
What-the-Gaff's avatar
Hamsters now? They might as well be ferrets.
Usapan's avatar
Parody that is so true and well draw - wow!! Cute!
Grizzled-Ink's avatar
Worse yet, i found out Laurel and Hardy up there are making another Indy movie.... :X

Perhaps in this one will be a musical where Indiana Jones flies to Mars to save a lost colony of CG monkeys!
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