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Feline Friday 2021 08 06


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Feline Friday.
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This cat girl is absolutely gorgeous. And I like the shine effect you put on her outfit.

nidhogg3's avatar

Ann gora's day off wardrobe I see.

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This is Fantastic Jollyjack...I think this is one of my absolute favorites of your felines! very very very well done! Thank you for sharing it.

This is based on a photo

jollyjack's avatar

I use photoreference for many of the Feline Friday/Werewolf Wednesday pinups.

Chwen-Hoou's avatar

I adore the outfit on this cat-girl. Lovely job.

purplelion12's avatar

Very pretty. I would to see Lady Dimitrescu in your style

n3wmistak3's avatar

oooo i love that hat!

ArtWalker98's avatar

She almost looks like the lead character in Miss Fisher's Murders Mysteries, Phryne Fisher

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I love all of your work, but this one just hits differently. Fantastic stuff.

MsNita's avatar

I love the hat!

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Love that hat.

rudeboy308's avatar

Sweet work on the latest entry in Feline Friday.

NickMaster64's avatar

delicious nya =//w//=

enixXI's avatar

It might be the hair and makeup but I'm getting a big Uma Thurman vibe from her!

saberwarthog's avatar

really like the reflections on her outfit, simple but efficient !

And yes, she can leave her hat on... =P

cullyferg2010's avatar

Must be up for a photo shoot.

Gnoll-El's avatar

Gone all Vogue on us.

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love the hat :D

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