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Fallout - Charred Albion

I was toying around with an idea for a fan-comic set in the Fallout universe.
It was inspired by the release of a few government doomsday plans a while back. They were written up during the cold war and detailed how the major cities would be abandoned and the remaining members of parliament would establish miniature fiefdoms in various corners of the country, where it was predicted that few bombs (or resulting fallout) would land.
Once I started making notes on a potential story line, though, I decided I liked the concept too much to waste on a profitless fan-project and removed all the Fallout universe elements (what few there actually were. The fate of Europe isn’t really explored).

It’s just at that “this would make a cool little mini-series” stage, like so many of my projects. Needs a lot of fleshing out before it actually goes anywhere.

IF it goes anywhere.

Gotta get Little Victory done and dusted first.

Edit: "Albion" is the oldest recorded name of the British Isles....not the setting of a Lionhead game......
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As well as Nuka-cola the drink Ion Brew is popular from the company RABB.

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Oooo, I heard that Britain was a nuclear winter wonderland, no wonder Tenpenny left >,>
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i think i heard somewhere that britain found a way to shield themselves from the rest of the world when the war started 
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that's probably what London would look a few ghouls
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Posh English Feral Ghouls in Bowler Hats sipping tea?
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I would love to play a modern Fallout game set around the ruins of London.

I imagine Britain would still have American products like Nuka-Cola, Vault-tec and RobCo products, though the vaults perhaps registered with roman numerals to keep them different from american vaults. I even got rough story ideas for it.

Fallout is one of those few American set games that  make me wonder whats happening in Britain at time.
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I'd like to see one in Canada my self or China for that matter.
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Both interesting places to see in the world of Fallout.
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MmHmm if it was in China they'd have to bring back Captain Zao. For Canada I just want to see how Toronto or Ronto looks, it'd be awesome to see a city I've spent so much time in real life, be depicted in the world of Fallout.
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I'm guessing, nuclear winter! Like Operation: Anchorage, but with Frostfall like mod.
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Possibly, if what that guy in the PITT said is true then Ronto has a large raider presence, but the lack of Super Mutants and likely no Deathclaws, Bethesda could really get creative with Canada, China to for that matter, either way it'd be an awesome game for sure.
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They could be creative with anywhere in the world.

But chances are they'll keep it to America.
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True, the whole Americana aspect of it and all that, very unlikely it'd ever leave America, though a DLC outside of America would be cool.
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Atmospheric picture that make the hair on the back of your neck rise. Last year RTE(Irish national channel) did this heavily researched film about what would happen to England and Ireland if Sellafield went arse up i.e. bend over backwards and kiss your bum goodbye. awesome background.
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I recently got fallout 3 and got the same kind of idea with my city. When I first stepped out of the vault in the game, I was so taken away with the atmosphere.
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Take that, politicians! :D
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Wow. You're making me think an Europe-based Fallout game would be good.
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It would be nice to play a Fallout game not set in the United States for once. I'm curious to know what the rest of the worldi sl ike.

Like China for example. They were the ones the USA were fighting in the war, so what's their country like right now?
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But if the FEV was unique to the fallout shelters in the USA, there would be no super mutants. How would Fallout be explained in any other place than America? Not only would the whole atmosphere of the 50/60's be totally gone, but they would have to figure out a new reason for other places to have fallout shelters; the currency probably wouldn't be bottle caps, they wouldn't have stealth boys (because China had their own prototype, or pipboys... I feel like Fallout in a different country would be Metro 2033... Not China... but close.
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Sorry, but that's stupid. Fallout is build around Sci-Fi fantasy from USA 1950-1960. The part of it charm comes from: smooth jazz, funny futuristic robots, the fear about commie invasion, etc. Does China and/or Europe have something similar? I haven't heard about it
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