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Evil Toymaker

A pic from the early stages of production on Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts.
At that point of production it’s a case of “Draw a lot of stuff and see what sticks”.
A lot doesn’t, but there are quite a few unused images and designs that I really quite liked, including this one.

Prior to the Lord of Games character settling into place, I saw him as a crazed Toymaker and villain rather than the benevolant TV-faced spectre in the final product.
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Jester-of-the-Clown's avatar
I sense the influence of Gris Grimley!
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I think a crazed toy maker would've fit the banjo kazooie style up 'till then. I really like the idea and would have liked to see it in the finished product.
MuroLightning's avatar
The outfit and body proportions are simply beautiful, in both general and detail. I just don't really like the head, it looks like a insane french fry.
TechnicolorKeegan's avatar
He should be in the next game, helping Grunty with...


... the game she said she would make at the end of BKNaB.
Toondevil13's avatar
if they ever do make a new banjo game (and hopefully they will) i hope to see this guy in there :3
Gattlin's avatar
Very interesting. Though I kind of understand why he didn't end up in the final product (I mean, his head looks like a stick of gum). Still, he does have some sort of "unexplained charisma", that and the fact that you can tell exactly how he acts just by looking at him.

Also, you MUST be good at being evil to wear a get up like that. lol
beza's avatar
Looks like a character in something Jhonen Vasquez would make. :)
baka-wallaby's avatar
This guy's sweet, especially his face. And his pants.
His head reminds me of Plank from Ed, Edd and Eddy.
sharkbyte3827's avatar
This character looks very interesting, i like the design of his head with the insane smile.
clamchowda's avatar
Wait, wait, I'm confused by all these. Did you just get your hands on some production sketches, or did you actually work on the game?
BloodKing71's avatar
BloodKing71's avatar
So cool man, he is so scary and funny, you catch his crazy personality :D.
OMG a jiggy!!!! Great work, this is my first post, gotta say that I love your art.
Aruman's avatar
He looks... EVIL! :D
ShawnLeroy's avatar
Love the design. Unique shape. I think he would have made an EXCELLENT villain.
operative274's avatar
Much creepier ^_^
Miracle-overloading's avatar
I thought he had a tiny face and a preposterously large tophat from the thumbbnail, but the soul-eating smile off the lego face look is even better.

Lovin' them pants
Jin-Saotome's avatar
A plank of wood for a face? Genius!
RHCPwolf's avatar
thats simply amazing. i knew it was banjo kazooie as soon as i saw the puzzle piece.
Pendragon9's avatar
That is a slick design.
randomartist's avatar
Frankly, I think that character might have set more urgency to the plot, but that's just me!

I still can't believe you design the Lord of Games, though when I think about it, it does seem like it fits your design motif.

You have to post some L.O.G. designs soon!

And Repost that painting you did for Klungo Saves Teh World!
haruko-doe's avatar
That's Plank's uncle! He was always the black sheep of the family.
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