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Eclaire Twins

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Character Dev sketches for a Chloe comic I’m making notes on….

The Eclaire Twins (Chloe’s personal pilots/playthings)
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They remind me of Murphy and Connor from the Boondock Saints for some reason. 
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YOu know what! I'd hit that! I'd hit that twice!
Nice job. You draw em' real hot!
(diff. topic but I find irony in the DOG tags) ;P
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I totally agree 030
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twin fetish....twin catboy fetish....oh shit...*adds to faves*
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If you have the time, do you think you might be able to color this at some point? I love it, but I know I'd love it even more in color... :D
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mostly playthings. lucky mothafuckas.
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if one of them got chloe knocked up, u couldnt tell which!
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Oh no. My twin fetish is tingling. :spidey:
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Damn you. Damn you both. Lucky bastards.
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Would it be possible for me to reference this pose for an illustration I'm working on?
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Lucky guys...
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Twins rule (and I'm not just saying that because I am part of that group ~<3 ) only just a little, mehbeh
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Are animals allowed to be sexy?
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No, but cartoon characters can be :)
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Of course they can. Silly me. More then one video game could prove that in a heart beat.
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this is awe-some!
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Aww there so cute and strong lookin!!!
And their twins and so cool with great expressions;P
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