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UK General Election, today.
Not sure what turns my stomach more: the thought of another 4 years of their governance, or that if they are permitted to keep power, their mental-gymnast supporters blaming all the sh*t the Tories have put in motion on whichever poor bastards finally succeed them.
They can slap the Union flag on their logo, but they serve no one but themselves.
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The way I feel with the Republican Party right now, and I've been one since 1972! They're acting like it's Germany 1932, and not America 2020!

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“Serve themselves” ? They dont They want the government to stay the same?

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"No matter who you vote form the Government always gets in."

Or there's that bit about "the new boss"...

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Like the Who song, "We Don't Get Fooled Again"!

"Same as the old boss!"

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God god.

I've been using that line for years as appropriate - i always knew it was from a song, just not what song.

So, to respond to this comment i fed it into Google - and, butter my buns and call me a biscuit, it's a Bonzo Dog Band song i never even heard OF, much less heard.

And i thought i had almost everything by the Bonzos...

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I fellow I was once stationed with in Germany back in the early 1970's had one of their albums.

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Well I agree, the Tories, just like Labour and the Libdem serves no one but themselves, and until the UK have proportional representation of some kind it can't really claim to even be a democracy.
Yet I understand why they won, I think everyone can if they just think things thought.

For the first time, in a long time (since Thatcher), the tories have a leader that is charismatic, and who actually believes in something. And he had a very great election motto: Get Brexit Done.
These things are important, short precise mottos that people can understand and get behind. Its like "Make America Great Again" I mean we can disagree on what it was that made America Great, and thus what is needed to make it great again, but everyone wants to be great.

The problem with these mottos are, they are usually just in order to get elected. A rational opposition would hold them extremely accountable for their words. Of course the American opposition is not rational, and this little fellow in the picture doesn't seem very calm and collected either.

One tool that I find important but the left seems to have almost forgotten is the doctrine of benevolence. This means simply that we each take it as a preposition that our opponents are benevolent, that they mean well, and wants what's best, and we just have different ideas about what that is. To renounce that is really to renounce any possibility for civil discourse.
Because against a malevolent opponent who wish us bodily harm, the only answer is violence.
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cuntservatives is what they are. I like
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I would crowdfund your work onto public billboards. Please consider sending some of it into newspapers.

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Well, that's democracy for you. Be assured that now, ~70 to 80 years after the Second Great War, ALL democratic institutions in the western hemisphere are corrupt and consequently owned by multi-national multi-billion media (Disney, Time-Warner) or tech (apple, google, facebook, etc) companies. Accept it. Pray that Boris will pull an no-deal brexit, then he should call The Don, Canada and Australia to do trade with you. F**k Brussels.

The UK has massive problems and Labour wouldn't have lifted one single finger to solve them. Boris mightn't too, but that doesn't matter now, right?

Besides - if your really want to be political in any effing meaningful way, if you're a real progressive feminist... draw pics, satirical or not, about how an whole ideology in cities - that were 70 years before native brits only - abuses vulnerable native british girls from broken homes / orphanages. Be a champion for THEM.

Doesn't matter. Bro, please. Just draw big-titted (cat)girls and leave politics out of your work(s).
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He won't stop until he becomes the British Joker. OOF! 
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XD This is funny to probably all the wrong ways. XD
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We get it, you're a child.
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isn't that how they all act? We elect them, they act an ass in one way or another, come time for elections, they do whatever mental ninja-ism is required to keep them in their little cradle of power, and we (as the little people) take it in the pipe all over again while they claim it's all in your mind.
Lionheart617's avatar befitting of your situation.

There is a glorious irony that a man that whines about the misogynistic orange man, himself draws what could be seen as misogynistic caricatures of women.

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But Orange Man IS bad.  Also I think liberals are allowed to have libidos too?

Orange man is indeed bad.

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Whine a little more Phil, it was the best birthday present I ever got. Maybe, just maybe if you called even more people bigots and racist you would've won....

Fuck off with your high horse bullshit.

I pity all you English, Scots, Welsh, Irish, and anyone else in the islands if this doesn't turn out well. Especially if Trump asks, "Anything I can do?"

Say whatever you like, but as anyone else here, this is just your opinion. I enjoy your art and I find it utterly attractive.

To bring or not to bring politics into your gallery, is up to you, but don't expect yourself to be the righteous one, just because you have a certain opinion.

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The conservatives are being FAR more benevolent to them than Labor would be in the driver's seat. For one thing the conservatives aren't the ones demanding jobs on a silver platter just for having unpopular opinions; nor are they banning KITCHEN knives. Nor are they banking on a shifting, Britain-hating zeitgeist to carry them to re-election. 
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