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Drawtumn 2020 - 25 - 'Buddy'

Let's play another round of "identify the obscure side-character from an ancient video game" :D
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Ah, now this takes me back... :D

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This reminds me of SCP-3008-2 except he has a face.

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So many memories ^^

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We all know what must be said

mike aruba

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Mike-rub-ah >w<.

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Heck yeah! Out of This World! (or Another World on your side of the pond)

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I always thought he said, "Lechuga!"

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Main man Mike/Mycaruba!

Better buddy is hard to find!

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Another world. Seen and recognized.

Mai too bah!

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Out of this world. That game annoyed me as a child to play it through. There were so many places you died unfairly because you COULD NOT see it coming or like the tank scene even know what you are doing. First game ever, that made me play it through by pissing me off.

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I have no idea who the character would be,

all I could think of was a training buddy that was mentoring a guy starting out at the gym

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"Another World" :)

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Dr.Lester Knight Chaykin and 'The Alien'. We don't know his name. We only know one phrase of his-"Matoomba."

Very few people played Heart of The Alien, Another World's sequel. It does not go well for Lester.

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I only knew one guy who had a Sega CD when I was a kid, an older cousin of mine who was an INTENSE 90's gamer. He was able to play through that whole game in one sitting.

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Me too. 8-)

Though I played on an Amiga 500 and missed the sequel.

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Mike Karuba! Mike mike mike mike hey! M-m-m-Mike Karuba.

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