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Doctor Robotnik

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I don’t care if he was originally named “Eggman”; I’m always gonna refer to him as “Robotnik”.

Undeniably one of my fave villains, and the main reason I’m a fan of the Sonic series. I love the crazy machines he builds.

Pity that blue rodent keeps trashing them.....
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Always a fav villain. =)
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The Doctor Is IN!
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My favorite villain.
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Me: F***** of, Singor Robotnik!!
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Why he's named Eggman?.. his body shape and such.. also the nickname 'bad egg' i guess..but to be honest im only guessing.. i do know he was originally named Robotnik and still is! Shoot if i remember correctly Robotnik IS his last name.. they just dont call him by his last name anymore..but by his new nickname...
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It was originally an insult made up by the characters, it's mistaken as his name because more and more people including some sega employees kept calling him egg man. And yes his last name is robotnik, his full name being Julius ivo robotnik
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i know that last part but.. haha XD that's funny!
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eggman's class, and julian's intimidating build.
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nice combo of design's.
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Why can't SEGA just keep him as a villain? We love Robotnik. We don't want to fight some eldritch monster he found or some cyborg crocodile with a stupid name.
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That's actually a great design for him, a lot better than most official designs.

Also yeah, "Eggman" is just too stupid of a name.
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He was originally named Robotnik I think
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I'm still eagerly awaiting the day he finally snaps and takes it to Sega....

Although, I personally believe the whole Eggman deal is just a front for Robotnik's plan...
Make people believe you're an underachiever, and they'll underestimate you...

Or I'm just overthinking it.
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 Dr Robotnik: I'm Robotnik, Bitches! B) 
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Curious but the "belts" on Robotnik's jacket do they have scientific applications?
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Why is that guy so familiar?

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I'm pretty sure he was originally named Robotnik,and they changed it to Eggman. Because I never heard the name Eggman until Sonic Adventure.
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He was always "Eggman" to the developers That's why, in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, "Eggman" is plastered all over the Wing Fortress: [link]

He was always "Robotnik" in the English instruction manuals, but from the 32bit era onwards, games became more detailed, making the cost of changing all the graphics to read "Robotnik" rather than "Eggman" somewhat prohibitive. It was cheaper just to start calling him "Eggman" all over the world.
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Well, localization has ruined it for me. He is and shall forever be Dr. Ivo Robotnik in my head.
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woah! I draw him as a mouse, cus I can barely draw people .3.
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Yeah, Dr. Robotnik is actually very cool for a bad guy because of how determined he can be when it comes to trying to take over the world. Even if the world was under attack by a race of evil alien creatures (like in the events of the underrated game "Shadow The Hedgehog"), he would still try to conquer it for himself. :D
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Love it, and yes Robotnik all the way!
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хмм доктор работник ахха его тайна раскрыта)
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