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Don't worry kid. Here!
*gives him a pencil and paper*
The journey starts now.
You got this👍👍👍
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I have to admit that I didn't understand the joke at all.  The last kid is unhappy for some reason... was it a bad movie?  It didn't have a happy ending?  Because it's just the same story and toys. over again?  I saw they all until the last one, but just didn't get it.
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The toys in the last panel are based on the character from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story which ends with all the main characters dying in a suicide mission to get the Death Star plans. The joke is that they do not have continuing adventures like Luke, Han, Anakin, and Obi-Wan after their first appearance.
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Oh.  I can imagine more than one head being scratched...
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I  liked the Last Jedi. A lot.
This is pretty much what Disney has decided to do to the whole franchise. 
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"Rocks fall; everybody dies."
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except that thanks to 2015, he has "the further Adventures of Rey, Finn, and Poe"..
About as useful as 'The further adventures of Rodimus Prime' in '86
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If the 2016 kid is a regular Tumblr user, he could just play out his Rogue One coffee shop AU fanfic.
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RIP Star Wars. It was nice while it as going. Too bad Evil Empire of the Mouse won.
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Emperor Mickey Mouse will harvest Star Wars of all its organs until there is nothing left
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get over it, dude.
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Sometimes heroes don't get plot armor kid.
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Haha brilliant!
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I'll be honest, I did not see it because I knew what was coming. Had a bad feeling about it seeing as I hated what Jar Jar Abrams did with Star Trek, there was no doubt in my mind he'd do this as well. This is one of those times when I hate being right.
Still have not watched and never will. It's dead to me now.
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So you haven't seen Rogue One, but you're going to bitch about it? This comic doesn't even make sense unless you've seen the film. Unless you're talking about VII (which is fair), in which case you're still missing the point. If you are talking about Rogue One, though, please watch it. It's genuinely a masterpiece, and a shining example of how prequels should be made.
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It was a fine example of how the new trilogy should have been made. Course no one listened to it. 
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I'm done with it, star wars was ok when I was 12.  I've grown bored of space wizards and this. It's dead to me.
Awww, I feel for the kid.
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Aww man. Yup. 
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ZAP!:deathstar2: *BOOM!*Explode la plz
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There's still episodes 8 and 9, and I heard 8 was in post-production.  Now all they need to do is raise Carrie Fisher from the dead for episode 9.
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Yes, this is a Downer Ending story arc, but a necessary one.  Our very first glimpse of The Empire is that humongous cruiser pouncing on the rebel runner.  The Empire obliterated Alderaan, a whole planet, all at once; the Empire overran Cloud City.  The Empire built an even bigger Death Star, because they could.  It's not much of a universe where the bad guys go down like bowling pins.  If George Lucas expects us to root for the Separatists / rebels, then the Empire has to be an industrial-grade ass-kicker.  Darth Vader is awesome because he mows down twenty-plus guys in a passageway without breaking stride.  It's gruesome and horrible and lopsided, and absolutely necessary to make the Empire a credible threat.  If you want to see your heroes go unscathed while toppling baddies, try Chuck Norris films: the Gary Stu never loses.  Besides, the Empire has to live up to John Williams' Imperial March.
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