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Yeah, the Marvel plan is not looking so hot because of captain marvel, it is not looking good and opening weekend is already showing signs of Starwars soylo, it is so going to bomb.
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And then Captain Marvel scored a billion (I did not like it, but it did)
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The only reason it made that much money was because of the Supposid ties to Avengers end game, And don't forget that there are confirmed reports that there are multiple cuts of Avengers end game with and without her in it. There is a gigantic laundry list of problems with it, And now there's the whole thing about having to have spider man team up with their just to save captain Marvel. Disney has lost absolute confidence in her from what the reports are saying

Solo, from what I've heard, was actually an amazingly awesome movie, everything you'd expect from a Han Solo movie. What killed it were the angry fans boycotting it because they didn't like Episode VIII. Instead of giving Solo a chance, like they did Rogue One, they instead acted like the children society makes them out to be and effectively killed the franchise they love. Because of their juvenile bullshit, we won't be getting Kenobi OR the rumored Boba Fett movie, both of which would have expanded upon the franchise's already deep lore.

Captain Marvel is failing, compared to other Marvel films, because Brie Larson and the marketing team are retarded. Unlike all the other characters, Marvel chose to focus on one thing: her gender/sex. They could have easily just shown her doing badass stuff like all the others, thrown in some badass lines, added some badass effects, and people would have flocked to it. But no, it had to be about sex/gender. They just had to show off how feminist Captain Marvel is, instead of just making her badass and letting the fans love her. Then Larson opens her mouth, and makes it infinitely worse. Then, to add insult to injury, Marvel decides to shoehorn her into Infinity Wars: Endgame - which might change given EVERYONE'S reaction to not just the character, but Larson as well, including the cast and production crew. The backlash is so bad, Marvel might reshoot Endgame just to remove Captain Marvel, OR possibly recast her. And it is a real shame, too, because Captain Marvel has become one of the less well-known characters in the Marvel-verse. I have heard from friends that it was actually quite good, but the marketing ruined any chance it had of being a box office hit. I think even Antman and the Wasp outperformed Captain Marvel.

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I hate both marvel and dc.

So you hate superheroes?(if there are others than the DC and marvel superheroes, I'm sorry for my lack of knowledge)

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Because of the management, They ruin the comics. They inserted politics into it.

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yeah, nobycare you opinio

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I live next to the offices.

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After seeing Man of Steel, BVS, Suicide Squad, and the Justice League movie, I understand now. I had to emotionally cleanse myself by binge-watching Batman, Superman, and Justice League the animated series.

At least Wonder Woman sucked the least
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Moral: don't confuse corporate product lines with popular culture.
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they didn't use all the characters. they missed out a bunch of massively powerful ones. also, phases don't do much if the films aren't even good.
Okay, even as a DC fan, I have to admit the painful realism of this 
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lol this is SO true. it really does feel like they just went "quick! Marvels making a killing on the MCU of theirs, lets do that! Plan? we dont need a plan we have supper man!"
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Unfortunately Infinity War may be the end of Marvel's line
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No, there's one more going. Avengers 4 is confirmed to happen next year. THEN we see what may happen. Specially now that they can bring the mutants and the fantastic along the ride.

Except Deadpool. Deadpool had always been along for the ride. Because Deadpool.
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But there will be no more comic to take the skeleton of a story. They will be creating content from original take, which is a risky direction.
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Are you kidding?! With the X-Men and the Fantastic 4, there are a LOAD of stories they can bring.

And original is not always bad. The original Civil War had the X-men as catalysts and they weren't needed here. They could try Secret Wars too, with mutants, villains and the X-Men in a three-way battle due to the Beyonder.
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This still seems true with the new Justice League movie as well, and all their TV shows.
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You should do an update because with Marvel getting back a lot of their character and are adding them quickly ruining their long planing like they did with Spider-man as they could have added him later, but they want him in Avengers: Infinity War.

With Dc, you should the same as you did in this comic but they them getting better but still somewhat failing.
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