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By the Perversion of Greyskull

I always thought there was something dubious about those two. Was it just me?
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Well, given who voices Evil-Lyn in Revelations, this deviation became hilarious in hindsight.

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She-ra: I'm going to give you five seconds to get out of here before I do reenact Game of Thrones with you...*pulls out sword* VERY accurately.

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Shh, that is not what the Sword of Protection is for...Although there is also a sword with that name in a story I'm working on.

Regina: Spurs of Toxic Masculinity?

Guardian: They belong to an armor set based on fabled semi-aquatic beast, the platypus.

Regina: Okay. Sword of Protection?

Guardian: For when your daughters have their first boyfriends and they start making can chase them with it.

Regina: I'll use my good old axe for that.

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She-Ra's weapon is called the "Sword of Protection".

In my story, there is also a weapon with that name. The characters Regina ( a big, strong barbarian queen ) and Guardian ( who is the keeper of certain powerful and probably dangerous secrets ) are going through a collection of weapons, with Regina questioning some of the names. ( She herself wields the mighty battle axe "Skull Splitter" so the concept of naming weapons is not foreign to her.)

her face says: no
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GUL´DAN will kill you
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But He-Man is gay, we all know this.
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Took me some time to get the joke.

Thinking about Adan is Adora's brother, must that mean He-Man is She-Ra's brother too?
Adan's cat is one person, He-Man's cat quite other. Adora's horse not even talk...   

And even if they are brother and sister, well, worked well for
Egyptian royalty.    
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Words can't describe the funny.. <snicker>
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HA. I LOVE this. Well, they might have gotten together before they knew they were brother and sister, but then she was evil at that point.
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This make feel ...... unconfurtable ahahahahahahahahahaha!
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This is fantastic and yet utterly horrifying.....I can't quite tell what to think of this now. And now...all I can think of is the Lannisters. Darn it. 

Also, their facial expressions here are perfect.
I wonder if Art has any dreams of being that buff.
I think he'd settle for Kat dressed as She-ra.
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i always felt ashamed of watching she-ra, she was just soo boring and hordak and his nasty habit of sounding like a pig when he was supposed to be a bat wasn't as great as skeletor, sadly i found her series while scouting the tube for episodes of the remake of he-man, well, at least she had kickass soundtrack, on the other hand, she had sidekicks even worse than orko... and that's saying a lot.
Going to hell I see...
...Where all the interesting people are.
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oh I love this.
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Didn't she hit on him in the cartoon after knowing they were brother and sister?
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Naaa.... that guy is from the other side of the river
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