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Battle Bunnies: TSN Issue 1

First collected issue of my Battle Bunnies webcomic ( [link] ) is now available as a hardcopy via Lulu: [link]
Issues will also be made available via Indyplanet in the near future.
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Need to find this!

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I like the cover art. She looks gorgeous!
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What is this furry crap. Just kidding. I like me some furry crap
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yolo  play boy :3
Shin-Ty-san's avatar
Finally.  I knew it, man.  Good play, Mr. Jackson.
InMyNature's avatar
Love! Just wow! <3
itismeti's avatar
Superb..  1  :D
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As always, I vote yes for sexy bunnies.
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This may be the closest I'll ever get to seeing you draw Fran ever again. :P
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Oh shoot yes...bring that on, bunny grrl!
Just got mine. Good quality printing, fine drawing and scenario. I will wait impatiently for the dungeon crawling.
xXAjaxXx's avatar
Freakin Battle it xD
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i have a couple new comics to read now..thanks a bunch for being awesome!
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I like this! Nice job! :P
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Yay! :dummy: will you still be publishing it on DA? °-°
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And on my website, yes.
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YEEEEAAAH!!!! :dummy:
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can we get it via e-book/pdf ?
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Fricken sweet, man. Sorry that sounded stupid. I mean, this thing kicks ASS, man!
No... words cannot describe the awesomeness here.
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