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A quick take on a bear and a bird.
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very nicely done :) i hope you dont mind me asking, but would you have this available as a print on deviantart?
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I love it, man!

BTW, Banjo looks a little like Ratchet (from Ratchet and Clank) in your style. Looks cool on him!
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Talking of Ratchet.
I'm working on a crossover with Banjo-Kazooie and Ratchet and Clank.
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Haha wow! He looks very cool in your style. I really like how you added more detail to his shorts, the cross-stitching is a beautiful touch and well yeah, as simple as it looks, it's not at the same time and I simply adore your take on the duo. Very nice work! :)
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Banjo looks like many animals, but not a bear
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This is how he shouldve looked on nuts and bults
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"the ice key unlocks MEGA-globbo which is used at Wumba's tent outside the entrance of the Witchyworld level, the MEGA-globbo will unlock the ability to turn Kazooie into a DRAGON, (hold B to breathe fire) and the rest is up to you"
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I took this picture and practiced my mimicry skills. I am a pretty good person to mimic things but I did not trace. Do not worry I used it and drew an image to look like it you know look at this pic draw that part on this pic etc. : [link]
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some one made a video about this drawing
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very good!
i feel my nostalgia when i see these characters!
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Oh man, this is cool. Brings back good times. :la:
BigBranx2's avatar
This reminds me Ratchet & Clank, great job!
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Aw man, that is so cool!
StantonJakeTogether's avatar
I remember this game! Great job!
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God. That would be an awsoem ACEO.
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Just thought of something:what if, follow me here,this is Banjo and Kazooie as KIDS on their first adventure. Hell,this looks like a cover to a comic.Wait,another idea.A comic about Banjo-Kazooie's first adventure,about how Banjo met Kazooie,how they became friends,so on and so froth.Sounds like a good idea,Sir Jackson?
JohnTheTvMan's avatar
Hell yeah this looks AWESOME.
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