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Attack of the Mods - Part Deux

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Published: June 18, 2009
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Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!
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RoliciousProfessional Digital Artist

2009... AND IT'S STILL RELATIVE! Good Lordie Lo!

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AntausHobbyist Digital Artist
Give a little man a little power, and this comic is what happens.
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HoratokHobbyist Photographer
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Iron1FoxHobbyist General Artist
"this man has no dick..."
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RandomTea64Hobbyist General Artist
ERMERGERD this is HILARIOUS #35 Free Icon: Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) 50x50 
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rachjacksonHobbyist Digital Artist
I love the umlaut hahaha.
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Electroshock1408Hobbyist General Artist
i nearly died laughing. :lmao:
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LilStomplesHobbyist Traditional Artist
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*Clears his throat and stands up infront of all the DA mods...* NIIIPPPLEEEEES.. TITTIIIIEEES... D:< HOOTTEERSKNOCKERSBOOBSVAGINASNATCHCOOTCHYPENISCOCK!... That said, So true and soo sad at the same time.
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<-------------Once Got Banned For Saying She Liked Lolicon.<_< >_>
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i really would like to meet him in the streats just so i could make him barf in public :)
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Violence, death, brutality, sadism, horror.... these are all good things in our modern world.

Sex, nudity, and yes, talking about sex or nudity, these are horrible and disgusting and will lead to the downfall of civilization.

Society is DEEPLY screwed up.
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Yup, seems that way. Ironic considering freaking out over nudity is closeminded. Nudity is natural, I walk around my house with the windows just WIDE open naked all the time >:D. *is kind of a jackass >:3*
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Simplicity is such a beautiful thing xD
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VoaxmasterSpydreHobbyist Digital Artist
Best part is...I'm a mod...this made me lol so hard! :iconloolfaceplz:
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MyathewolfehStudent Digital Artist
I swear, all mods are 80-year-old grandmothers who descended from Jesus Christ himself.
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Well I'm not the most educated in christian beliefs, but isn't one variation of christianity that Jesus was god?
And didn't god create Adam and then Eve, which created more humans, which created more humans?
And I've also "heard" that we are all gods "children".


We did descend from Jesus(God)?

(I'm an atheist, so I really have nothing to go on but vague tidbits from here and there so feel free to correct me if I am wrong.)
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ArchonofFateHobbyist Digital Artist
thats about right :P
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hmsnikeHobbyist General Artist
Sometimes I wonder if the moderators themselves aren't trolling.
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Man they are FIRST GENERATION deviants, OF COURSE they are trolling! :XD:
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