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Attack of the Mods

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You have a new devoted fan for speaking an eternal truth.
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God, this applies even today.
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Admins in a nutshell right there!
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After 10 years, this still relevant. Fuck.
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10 years later, this is still relevant. sad.
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You forgot 'Attacking Mods Comic' - Deleted
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picture of a naked cherub? oh hellnaw that's child porn!  Yet pictures like the famous one where a bunch of woman engage in sexual acitivities with giant bugs is fine, a picture of fluttershy eating her own shit? also fine, massive amounts of fetish art? yeah srue a-okay. *facepalms* a bunch of monkies would do a better job, who's with me and replace the admins with monkies?
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Not to worry, with the new net neutrality laws, the FCC with be taking over this function. 
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Oh this is still true.
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"These two users are arguing over copyright, ban the one who doesn't have premium."
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With this hat.. and this mood...

OMG! This must be the Once-ler!!

Great thoughts! ;)
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This happened to me recently, my drawing was removed due to "child pornography" because the girl had no shirt on (except covering boobs) and she was over 18. 

haha thanks mods
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yet when you find and report ACTUAL child pornography on the website. they won't remove it. like, what?
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Drawn-Mario's avatar
i guess the mod doesn't like green
because is not a creative color
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Wouldn't that mean that the mods don't like this site in general because it's literally all green?
FiestaFacelift's avatar
i bet he doesn't like hugs either, what a monster.
Drawn-Mario's avatar
or maybe he's only scared
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Long ago, he agreed to never be creative again.
A-n-t-e-n-o-r-A's avatar
HAHahhahahhahahah there is some true in this.
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