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Only readers of Fred Perry's Gold Digger will get this.

As he's made 199 back issues available FOR FREE on the Antarctic Press website, you've no reason not to start following the series: [link]

What a nice fellow.

(But for the "Amazonies": still a bastard)

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It can't be that bad right?
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Damn it Jack, I'm laughing so hard my chest hurts.
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erm that site is gone...
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Last panel expression, can't... stop... laughing.
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Jollyjack..  Your both my favorite artists..  how have you not seen this work before?  ^^
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Hahaha That face in panel 3 is hilarious! 

Never knew those guys were  MLP inspired. 
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well, I've read the comic, and it's kinda suprising that he used the MLP characters as a reference.
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What issue is that one?
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That's Cross Ange in a Nutshell.
Why do i imagine him making Stocking's gasping noise from the 'diet' episode of PS&G?
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can someone explain the joke
The Jade Realm Amazons from Fred Perry's Gold Digger series are literally statuesque Warrior Women with enviable measurements.

So when J.J learnt there was an issue coming out focusing entirely on the Amazons he got excited, especially since Antarctic Press leaked the fact that several characters were going to be based off the Mane 6.

What Fred neglected to mention was that the story was based on the Amazon MALES, so we did get the Amazonian Mane 6...only Beefcake instead of Cheesecake.
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I don't even read it and I understand from the cover why it's called amozonies
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Laugh LOL That is the appropriate face to show when you're emotionally scared!
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That face in the last panel gave me quite a good laugh there :XD:
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It is a rare picture that can please some and bring untold horror to others.  I imagine these are the moments that artists live for.
Also, great expression. 
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That's exactly my reaction to that issue, too much beefcake to where I had to abort and head to a safe zone!
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Well then, you may not like how George R.R. Martin does things either:…
Now I have to know.  What issue number is this?  I haven't found it by cover image.
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