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Aisha Clan Clan

One of the characters I drew for the #sixfanarts challenge.
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Having finally watched (clips of) Outlaw Star, I understand where some of your style my come from. XD

draco67tay's avatar

heck yeah, love this series!!

Enterprise-1701-A's avatar

Nyaaaaaa!!! Best girl ^^

cullyferg2010's avatar

"You want this? Then come and try to get it!"

She smiled after calling out while carefully setting the chakram laced into her braid to swinging behind her.

Emperor-Koto's avatar

Bless you, sir. This character doesn't get the love she deserves.

Kinggigasmon's avatar
Underrated waifu material.
Lovely-Bacar's avatar

She looks like hungry for some more.

Teebsy-86's avatar
"You will know the might of the Ctarl-Ctarl EMPIAAAAAYRE!"

Love Aisha, love this piece, love your work :)
Archangelwilliam's avatar
Oh the many feelings I had when I saw as a kid.

I am sorry if I ask right here but I have to:

can you draw Hulk Hogan with Neptuman (kinnikuman)?

jamesgunner123's avatar tier've done her great justice...=3
MageArt's avatar

I just saw the series on bluray for 30 bucks at the store....seriously considering it!

Brother-Rosscoe's avatar

Where does she put it all Mother of god

nice as all 

your art
Chwen-Hoou's avatar
Best buff cat girl in anime. Fight me.

Excellent job.
Imerei's avatar
It feels like forever since the last time I saw her...maybe ten years.

During my disillusioned teenage girl years, I wanted to look like this when I grew up. XD

Well done, sir.
muttman2006's avatar
Still my favorite Cat Girl!!
zfragger's avatar
Now I feel old.
carlstedtmattias's avatar

Ohh.... good ol' Aisha. Seems to be your style.

Acedown's avatar

My first waifu.

DSchneider's avatar

The Ctarl Ctarl Empire shall rule forever!

Aisha Clan Clan is every male furry’s first crush...


...Not that I was into her, of course...

*Starts sweating a lot*
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