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A response to bile.

By jollyjack
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I love this. Very simple, but great style and sense of impact. Very true, and also something they hate.:devilish:

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So I'm a glutton for punishment! Sue Me!

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Trolls gonna troll.  They can't help themselves.
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vitriol, but I like your art. Sunglasses are good

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Because despite being on the opposite side, your shit makes me laugh. And I respect that.
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Came back?  Of course I came back... what with this woman holding a hand cannon to my head I mean.  :)
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lol look at the comments XD 
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Your point being? :lol:
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Score 2 - Nil
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Yep. Now that we've agreed on that point, it's time to leave again!
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nice you sick boyo
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So much salt over fucking politics.
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Sure, but the fur keeps getting stuck in my teeth.
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You grow into it.
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Of course why not come back?
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The boiz that are getting triggered, honestly Jolly here is just getting a kick out of this XD
Bert WTF The Dank Emoji Movie 

Alfred Hitchcock oughta give Jolly an oscar by now 👌
He's like the Steven Spielberg of Deviantart
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My god, it is just so easy to hit the far far FAR right wing politics on DA like its 4chan or some shit. I mean like hate crime mass shooter level creepiness. But then these people are just right wing reactionaries/trolls which means their goal is to get a negative reaction out of the left rather than appeal to right wing ideals. And im not making this up there people are the most triggered and most rabbit people I have ever came across (oh gawd wait till you meet this guy named IreneBelarson69, so toxic that you'll need more than a lead lined hazmat suit)

And you know the best way to beat these incells at their own game is to laugh and get a kick out their BS rather than getting concerned/offended and showing them why they are wrong through rational logic because these people don't care about being rational since they get all their news from Dailystormer, memes, and 4chan. For example when I see some incell talking about how hard he hates "darkies" and women and "white genocide", I tell him that I beat my dick off to white genocide and shit post him with a good ol Kara Boga to drink their tears lol

(something like this: )

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oh oh?
hmm ... 
what a interesting response 
I am well entertained this morning :3 

 IreneBelarson69 you say? Looks like its time for me to go into creeper mode lol
Them Eyes Tho 
Dubstep-Squid's avatar

wanna know someone even more toxic? this guy makes that 69 dude look like an angel


He goes around talking about how fucking hard he loves nazis, supports mass shootings and hate crimes, death threats, and all sorts of unholy shit (lol he's actually deaththreated me, pffft! yet he blocks and reports my replies as spam like a coward)

I seriously don't take this pathetic seriously troll one single bit. Id bet he's some 400 pound basement gnome who smells like semen and feces who spend ever second of his life jerking himself to sleep and reading alt right 4chan propaganda

If you don't have a hazmat suit to repel the toxins away then I suggest to not check this guy out. He a real piece of work


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Your style is awesome and your work alternates between hawt and hilarious. It's easy enough to skip over the political stuff. :)
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