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3 Prophets Walk Into A Bar

Probably the one and only time I've ever agreed with the current PM
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Jesus wasn't a prophet

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Wait who's the other prophet beside Moses and Jesus ?
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BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! "The burning bush" damn i laughed at this.... :dignity-laugh: 
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The Redhead lobby.
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OMG, the burning bush... :D
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Looks like some people WANT to stay lost for 40 years am I right?  XDXD
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Remove Mohammad and then maybe it would actually be funny. 
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Only just noticed this one. Ah, you so like to live dangerously. Good ol' reliable. :D
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... burning bush... OMG...
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beautiful, just beautiful 
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Someone help him. He can't reach his drink 
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the burning bush made me laugh so hard! This is awesome!
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Wait, what's up with Muhammad? Can he not read?????
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He doesn't know how to read English...
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lmao dont be teasing, remember, we have to cater to them
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LMAO i totally thought this was about a different conversation. holy shit that turned offensive XD
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what the fuck did i just read?:confusedjontron: 
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just a boi being too under it
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OK really with jesus still on the cross at least have the kindness to let the man of it so he can drink I mean come ON!
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