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Annoying hamster-thing that dwells somewhere in England, drawing boobies and silly cartoons. Probably best you just ignore him. Maybe he'll go away.

Favourite Visual Artist
J S Campbell, Fred Perry, Joe Maduriera, Arthur Adams, Charles Addams, Adam Warren
Favourite Movies
Can't decide a fave. I think the greatest movie of all time is The Shawshank Redemption
Favourite Games
Spy vs Spy 2, Sonic the Hedgehog, Myst, Fallout 3, Minecraft
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Tools of the Trade
0.5mm mechanical pencil, wacom graphics tablet, a sh*tload of paper and one frying pan.
Some kind (unnamed) soul gave me a month's core membership. Thank you, sir/madam :)
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I’m not going to rail about how material on the site is being scraped for use in AI Composites, or about how DevArt’s “protection” against it is a new check-box that you will have to manually tick for each and every image you’ve uploaded. No. Misuse of your work and DevArt incompetence are expected at this point. Once something is put online, that’s it; it’s no longer under your control. That’s the nature of the beast. You don’t like it; don’t upload content. What I am furious about is the deluge of AI composites flooding my feed, here. I see more of that crap than genuine new content, now. And to make it worse, DevArt has its own AI tool ( which, while they absolutely-pinky-promise it will not cannibalise user content, is only going to exacerbate the problem. I’m now completely convinced that DevArt is no longer a site that serves artists in any capacity. Not only that; it no longer has any
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I've returned to Lulu as their print quality has dramatically improved. The first thing I'm peddling through their service is a collection of my Werewolf Wednesday pinups. (I was legitimately blown away by the quality of the proof copy I ordered!) It's now available here.
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Have you you seen the peep show

Hi! This reminded me of your work, like a lot.


I've just wondered about something concerning SequentialArt: Will Art and Kat ever get married, or will they remain friends living together? It's been a long time.

I remember him saying something years ago to the effect of Pip having cameras all over the house for the inevitable day sexual tension breaks and they go at it like animals.

I remember that too, and, thankfully, Pip's been disappointed. But they Art and Kat seem so much like a married couple in this strip I just wondered.

Honestly, there gets to be a point where living together is living together whether you call it a platonic friendship, an unofficial marriage or even an official one without consummation.

This does not apply to Pip because he so thoroughly ignores anything that isn't porn, horror movies, games or his successful Ebuy poaching and reselling. You could live with him for three decades and he'd still be effectively a stranger who occupies a room of your house. The think tank... as Art's bizarre hearing issues are helping reestablish/demonstrate, Scarlet is a constant neural line to Amber, Jade and Violet as long as they're close enough, so all of them probably think they're on the same emotional level as Scarlet even though she's been there a lot longer and has spent a lot more time with Art and Kat since they got there. That could get creepy.

Your art style is very vibrant and colorful and I really apprecciate that in an artists work, keep it up broski

Also here, have this, It's art of Chloe :