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Phillip M Jackson
United Kingdom
Current Residence: The darkest corner of England
Favourite genre of music: Contemporary Classics (A contradiction, but accurate appraisal)
Favourite style of art: Comic book/Anime/Manga
Personal Quote: "Fortune favours the prepared"
I'm catching up with my buddy :iconmightymoose: to record some more waffle for a third "season" of Curious Transmissions.

Answering questions from listeners always makes for a good launch point, so, if you have any, feel free to leave it in the comments of this journal!
Questions can be about more or less anything: our work, video games, comics, movies, the world, whatever. My fave episode from Season Two was "Fantasy Action Force Go!", where someone asked us to brainstorm our perfect team of heroes from all of fiction.
The only thing we try to stay away from is speculation over future releases. Because I'm so slow in editing what we record, that speculation might be completely out of date by the time I post the damn thing!
Aside from that: ask away!

Curious Transmissions Banner by jollyjack


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alexkl5 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Just read the latest strip.

DeathofInk Featured By Owner 3 days ago
The latest strip feels like a PG version of your transformation comics.
Roronoa-Forte Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Just wanted to say thanks for the rapid-fire updates on Sequential Art; your comic is part of my daily routine and a new page always brightens my day. Can't wait to see where the story goes. :nod:
makoshark04 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
If you don't do kill count for this tragedy, then you're nothing but hypocrite or worse.
Streaked-Silver Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dude, if he did a picture of her for every mass shooting in the world, he'd never stop drawing..

in the last five days
-8 killed in Brazil during school shooting -51 killed in New Zealand during mosque shooting -3 killed in the Netherlands during tram shooting.  ..hell.. in Nigeria over 100 people have been killed over the past month just because they where Christian. A church was set ablaze and the worshipers where shot as they ran out just as ONE of those instances.

I may think its disrespectful and giving glory to the murderers.. also it draws a sick crowd.. people chanting for a sexy pin up when peoples lives have been lost.. but like he said. it aint in the US? he aint gonna do it.
jollyjack Featured By Owner 4 days ago
You don't seem to understand why I started doing the Killcount images in the first place: it was because of the inaction that followed shootings in the US. 
New Zealand is already planning to change its gun laws. 
prozacboi Featured By Owner 3 days ago
But nothing at all?
BrandonStorm Featured By Owner 1 day ago
He might if he figures they're dragging their feet. Not a kill count thing most likely a more tasteful caricature of one of their spokesmen along the lines of what he does with Trump when he does something stupid.
Astro140 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Cmon do a kill count for the kiwi shooting. 
Little-Bacchus Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Why would he, they're doing more the thoughts and prayers!?
Mace121 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dammit Phil are you drawing that kill count shit again?
simplysherbert Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The kill count is to bring attention to the fact that no matter how many people die in mass shootings, the US government is committed to changing nothing, so it is going to happen again. The question being "Where, and how many?" Maybe a month from now, maybe tomorrow, maybe in a big city, maybe in a sleepy hamlet of a town. But its gonna happen again. Its no longer a question of "Is this going to happen in my city?", but rather "When is it going to happen in my city?"
But hey, Free-dumbs, am I right? Might end up face down in a pool of blood, riddled with bullet holes with one of my children laying there beside me, but hey, some chuckle fuck with a red baseball cap's freedom to own a high capacity weapon is secure, so thank God our sacrifice would actually mean something, right?

In New Zealand, on the other hand, law makers are wanting to make changes immediately, to try and prevent this from happening again. They actually give a shit about their population.
Elberik Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Gotta give you credit on going an extra layer deep with the CS Lewis parody.
niauropsaka Featured By Owner 6 days ago   Digital Artist
Somebody got to the third book!
Elberik Featured By Owner 5 days ago
I'm willing to bet most people don't even know CS Lewis wrote anything else besides The Lion the Witch & the Wardrobe. 
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