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DevArt removed my Dik.

DevArt removed my Dik.

The masterpiece entitled "Dik", which I slaved over for countless hours, as a form of light protest against the terrible changes that have been made to the site, has been removed from my gallery...... buuuuut still appears to be my cover image. So Eclipse functions as well for the Mods as it does for the rest of us? XD EDIT: awww, it's gone. Sorry. You missed it. Twas an epic shaft, too. Fondly remembered, my Dik shall be :D

Bog of Eternal Stench.

Bog of Eternal Stench.

So, working with the new DevArt layout is like having Jareth the Goblin King pop up each time you click on something, announcing “welcome to my Labyrinth”. It takes several clicks for me to achieve anything, now. This is how I used to browse DevArt in the past: what was popular across the last 24 hours was the first thing I would see. I’d then click on notifications and leisurely scroll down a single page, past my watch list, to review comments, replies and mentions. Now: The first thing I see is what some bullsh*t algorithm recommends I look at, which I find the very concept of offensive. You’re less likely to encounter something new and broaden you palette if you look at the same old thing all the time. From what I can tell, the only way to change that is to change my bookmark, otherwise I’m going to have to click “popular” each and every time I land on DevArt. When I click on “notifications” I don’t get that nice “broadsheet” of information. I just get the new, clunky, box

New type of DA scam.

New type of DA scam.

We're all familiar with the spam that appears amid the comments of art that gets enough views; generic "complements" or just flat-out claims that clicking on the dodgy link provided will get you money or nudes. A new spin on the tactic has just come to my attention: people are getting notes/messages along these lines: Hello again [recipient's name]! We have been told by one of our fellow deviant team members you have not gotten your $100 monthly lotto card for interacting with post [title of work that has received a lot of views,recently] yet! Grab it quick over at as we still have 36 cards remaining before yours s. Sent fr

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Just to let you know ahead of time and before it's too late, I heard on the internet that Deviantart claims they're gonna delete anything and all art that is consider Not Safe For Work. So you might want to back up all of your art onto a hard drive or 3 and move it all over to some other site/sites that won't do the same thing and to protect and perserve it for as long as possible and to keep it available to view online.

I kinda want them to. A lot of people, including me, would get a lot of comedy milage out of a website called "DeviantArt" going full puritan :D

Okay, just wanted to give you a heads up and let you know before you lose all of your art.


Giant spiders? No...

ThePsych0nautHobbyist Filmographer

Thanks again for inspiring my work, studying your line craft has been so informative to my own style. Thanks for inadvertently helping me get paid.

Qualurian-Human hybrid

Aaand apparently the new format doesn't allow me to link pictures, so, yeah: thanks, Eclipse. Well, I hope you enjoy the art, at least.

Welp, the primised day has come. Are you staying on this site, jack?