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Leaked Sailor Moon Crystal Info??? Star Healer

By Jolin-chan
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Sailor Star Healer in Sailor Moon Crystal Design.

You should take a look at Sailor Moon fanarts :3 Here is the gallery:…

Lineart: Illustartor
Colors: Photoshop

I use a mouse for drawing, a tablet is not necesarry.

Take a look at my or Youtube Account, i have a lot Speed Drawings up there.…

© Jolin-chan
© Naoko Takeuchi

Take a look at my Sailor Moon Artbook Redraw Project from 2016!

Sailor Moon Sneak Peak 5 Artbook Redraw 2 by Jolin-chan Sailor Moon Sneak Peak 5 Artbook Redraw by Jolin-chan
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© 2014 - 2021 Jolin-chan
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I hope they do all of Sailor Moon. Because I really want to see the Asteroid Scouts so bad.
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asteroid scouts? What universe are you from?

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In the Sailor Moon manga, which Crystal is based off of, the Amazon Quartet become Sailor Senshi. Cere Cere becomes Sailor Ceres, Palla Palla becomes Sailor Pallas, Jun Jun becomes Sailor Juno and Ves Ves becomes Sailor Vesta and all of them become Sailor Chibi Moon's senshi equivalent to Sailors Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars. Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta are/where the 4 major asteroids in the Solar System till Ceres got promoted to a dwarf planet the same time Pluto got demoted to a dwarf planet.

It seems to be very common knowledge in the Sailor Moon community that the Asteroid Senshi are a thing and canon.
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oh I thought you were calling the Sailor Stars that lol

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Sorry that you misunderstood me. The Sailor Starlights are Sailor Scouts from outside our solar system. And I hope they do them too. But with the Amazon Quartet they skipped them turning into the whole Asteroid Senshi totally in the original anime. Which is a shame. I have a soft spot for the Amazon Quartet/Asteroid Senshi.
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Seems like a different sailor outfit than the ones I know :o Pretty lovely, nonetheless :B
Nice interpretation you did of her :O_o:
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What do you mean? Sailor Star Healer looks just like this. 
You haven't seen or read StarS have you?
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Well this is an actual, canon Sailor Senshi. 

You really need to read and watch StarS! Best arc of Sailor Moon.
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Thanks for the suggestion o.O
I'll see if I get to it someday.
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omg I remember sailor star. I wonder if they are coming to sailor moon crystal in the future.
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yep the sailor is cute.
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lovely design is so beautiful :la: i like the coloring toooo :la:
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I like her costume design, for some reason she reminds me of Bulma from DBZ
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she turned out wonderful ! i love how you captured her perfect drawn detail :D :clap:
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Such a pretty outfit!
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the pose looks too similar to venus'
Jolin-chan's avatar
and venus pose looks to smiliar to mercurys
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