Inner Beauty

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Beauty...where does it shine?

In your heart? Or in you mind?

Just as a flower blooms in the remorseful shade,

So does its beauty never fades away.

You are beautiful, inside and out,

Don't let the evil tongues hinder you from finding out.

True beauty comes from within, not by mere appearances,

And sometimes what you see, is not always what you get.

Kindness and patience are precious keys that can open wonders,

Unkindness and spitefulness will only leave you locked in a cavern of fools gold.

The eyes might trick the soul, but the soul knows what it needs,

A true friend that is genuine and full of incomparable glee...
I hope this is easy to understand and well written xDD

I won't say what it means, so that's up for you all to think and ponder over which shouldn't be too hard of course >>

If you have the time can you tell me what it means to you~

Poem © joliegirl1
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I like it :) To me, it means the beauty is inside you, and no one can tell you different.