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Danganronpa OC- Pluto

By Jolibe
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So I saw some of my friends making Danganronpa OCs so I wanted to make one too. And I realized my OC Pluto had a ahoge before I even got into Danganronpa and then I realized that they were destined to become a Danganronpa OC because ahoge equals protagonist in Danganronpa talk. Also they liked soccer so I thought Ultimate Soccer Player would fit them lmao

Don't worry they have an ahoge so they won't get killed = )

Also I feel like I have this type of art block where I try to draw but it just turns out really bad ;-; so uhh sorry this art kinda sucks. I hate this art block *cris*
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XD She looks so awesome!!
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They look a little badass, but still adorable that you'd want pat them on the head.
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i like math  for me it is at the end of school 
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my gender is avocado 
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oh my god I love the information part

chest size: 0????????
weight: ummmmm
birhtday: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
blood type: yes

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Lol thank you! Imagine what would happen if your Danganronpa OC and mine met lmao
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yeea x'D idk if aerial and soccer is a good mix tho lmao xD
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I meant something like this:
Your OC: hey what is your blood type?
Pluto: yes
Although thinking about it, no one would ask that question XD
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Pluto in Ford Pinto
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I mean I don't really like math either
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Lol im only good with math cause i skip some grades in home schooling
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What really? Are you in grade 11?
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But i was homeschooled
6th to 8th and i skipped that math XD
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Oh cool so you're really good at math?
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