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selection of portraits and acts from my favourites folder
- old and new, photo, traditional and digital all together
for inspiration :)

Blue Light by wawa3761Christian Bale by Olga-TereshenkoCandy by marcdalessioIncantation by ZeenChin

35 by nikolaishurygin

Girl by wawa3761

In a Mind by GabrielleBrickey

The Harpie by markmolchanMurmur of the Innocents 13 by gottfriedhelnwein

Chloe by aufzehengehen

Ari Concept Art by MartaNael

Girl From Digital World by Vitaly-Sokol

2dArtist Magazine Tutorial  May 2014 by HoustonSharpSimina by idaniphotography

sob by wlop

Charline by DeharmeJohanna by imorawetz

Pixelart animation collection part1

Mon Dec 22, 2014, 12:02 PM
SF theme pixel anims + plus some nice sprites from my favourites.

patrol by 08--n7R6-7984

Tesla by Valenberg

Access Denied by SengiG

Fade Out by Valenberg

[Ludum dare 27] Beware of dog by Pix3M CrossCode - Crab Boss by T-Free  Finn and Jake by AbyssWolfWild Boar by Madgharr

In a trap by SengiG

Day4 by Valenberg

16-Bit Joe Energetic Walk and Turn Animation by JoeGPcom

just testing this feature - soon I will prepare some skins and more serious updates