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September 10, 2018
Pixel-art - 'Dream' by jokov
Featured by Moonbeam13
Suggested by loriean
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Pixel-art - 'Dream'

32 colors

amiga 500 (OCS) palette
painted in Grafx2
hand-pixelled from scratch

inspired by Chinese landscapes
I was trying to do something different, more light
ended overdone as usual ;)    

Thank you very much for DD !!!

I will link here full process of this piece today
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Really great piece! And nice colors
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great job on this painting looks so realistic ....very pretty...
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radiantcomet's avatar
You are extremely talented, I hope you know.
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Heh, talent is only a small part of being a successful artist. You need to work a lot ( I don't) and have the luck to be seen by others (I don't either ;) )
radiantcomet's avatar
Well whether you consider youself successful or not, I love you lr work; It is truly beautiful.
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That's really awesome =)
looks like an Amiga picture
good job ; )
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because it is amiga picture :)
If you want iff file I can give you a link
Cysal89's avatar
That would be great, thanks ; )
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Oh sorry!
I missed your answer
here is a link to amiga iff zipped with png as well :)
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No problem ; )
actually I forgot about this, but still thank you =)
Unfortunately the track doesn't work on my computer
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.iff file is not executable. It's just gfx but in amiga native (ILBM) format. You should use some software to load it first. Like DeluxePaint or some kind of viewer even file manager like Filemaster will do :)
But I can ask some friends to code executable version (it's a good idea anyway - for other purposes)
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I see, thanks =)
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Congrats on the DD! <3
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Holy crap, at first glance I thought this was a watercolour painting xD! Props on how you did the sky and water :)! Congratz on the DD :dummy:!
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