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January 29, 2021
Pixel art - A glimpse of freedom by jokov
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Pixel art - A glimpse of freedom


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Well, It was a lot of work. I spent about 100h on this pixel art landscape. Partially because while it is Amiga 500 lowres mode picture it utilizes some tricks to show more colors than it is possible for this computer in a standard case.  And with tricks come restrictions and difficulties. But even without all technical bullshit ;) it was one of my biggest projects so far.

I tried to use a different than usual approach to colors, composition, shading, clusters, and perspective.
I also tried to draw an even more complex version with much more details, better composition, and fixed issues in many areas, but it is still unfinished and I have no idea if it ever will be complete.

So there it is - my new pixel art landscape.
Hope you like it!
till next one.

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Hello Thank you Karissa, I will check this. Have a nice day! J

Karissa-Salton's avatar

You're welcome. They have stolen a ton of work from other DeviantArt Artist and I was going through and trying to notify as many as I could.

HHylst's avatar

Very nice work ! Good job Jokov !

Treasures-Of-Wisdom's avatar

The lighting in this is phenomenal.

jokov's avatar
Thanks a lot!
asnkirby's avatar

Wow that’s fantastic

Helixarius's avatar

You just earned a new watcher! Well done man. Very cool

dekelpoliva's avatar

is the background a digital drawing or its printed all over your wall?

jokov's avatar

The background is just one of DA templates I was playing recently after I got CORE.

It would look nice (my picture) as an print thou I think, so I will add an print option probably

rockztheoriginal's avatar

100 HOURS!! my God man... you're really dedicated to the balls with this. Just jawbreakingly awesome, a real inspiration

jokov's avatar

Thank you very much :)

here is my another 100h pixelart :

DreamPigment's avatar

This is amazing!

jokov's avatar

Thank you very much

juha91's avatar

Impression work done with much effort. Hat’s off to you.

jokov's avatar

Thank you!!

Tinselfire's avatar

Only lo-res, no HAM?

jokov's avatar

No, It's standard lo-res with some heavy copper (and not only) magic.

It will be released as executable file for amiga (stock amiga 500 will do) later.

Also - in HAM it's impossible to create pixel art as there is virtually no control over single pixel color and no control over palette. ;)

Tinselfire's avatar

I trust you if you say it is impossible - I prefer to phrase it as requiring high tolerance for surprises.

jokov's avatar

Well, pixel art by definition is in 8 bit range. That's why we have indexed palette mode (256 colors maximum). HAM is true color mode - with 4096 colors.

In theory we could use HAM8 mode for amiga 1200 (AGA chipset) in super hires mode - 1280x256 and use it as 320x256 resolution with super wide pixel.

It would create 1x1 , 24 bit picture without color deformation (in HAM mode every color change affects next 4 pixels) but it still not allow us to use indexed palette mode :)

Tinselfire's avatar

Ah, yes, that makes sense. I don't know the math by heart myself, just know the basic concepts of drift in HAM.

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Also - on AGA chipset there is 320x250 8 bit mode with indexed palette :D

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