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'Sit Up Straight' Based Reference Sketch

This is a piece that I've sketched based upon an image entitled "Sit Up Straight" I found within the gallery of CamilleCrimson.

You can find CamilleCrimson's beautiful photograph here -…

I want to also send a special thank you to her for her kindness in allowing me to utilize her work as reference imagery!

Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate it!

I hope you enjoy!

Take care!

P.s. - Comments welcome!
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gabydizitti's avatar
Looks awesome, you're really improving
Jokermagic's avatar
Thank you! I'm definitely trying to. haha.

Need to work much more on sketching, but I'm glad with the progression that I'm slowly seeing, haha...
gabydizitti's avatar
And the more you practice, the more you will improve :)
Jokermagic's avatar
Agreed =) And I can't thank enough the people that allow me to use their work as reference art. That helps immensely as well! haha
CamilleCrimson's avatar
Thanks so much for making this!  It's great!
Jokermagic's avatar
Thank you so much for allowing me to utilize your work!

I really appreciate it and I hope to maybe use your work again soon sometime, if that's alright! (?)

Thank you so much again and take care!
CamilleCrimson's avatar
For sure, just credit and let me know!
Jokermagic's avatar
You're so kind! Thank you so much I will, most definitely!

Take care!
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