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Darth Snips, Ahsoka

I commissioned :icontaclobanon: to draw this.

Part of a story im going to write (as opposed to already writing).

Ahsoka lives through the Clone Wars and the Jedi purge. For years she helps the rebel alliance from the shadows. Unfortunately during one of her missions she comes face to face with her old master. Vader, unwilling to sever one his few attachments left to him captures Ahsoka instead of killing her and uses Sith mind tricks to break her into falling to the dark side. Now Anakin's Jedi padawan is Vader's Sith apprentice.

A sith apprentice named Darth Snips, whether the name is a reminder of the past or a sick joke is something only Vader knows.
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reminds me of a story I read long ago…

the only difference is that in the story, she's called Darth Cyrin (pronounced Sigh-Rein)
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Darth Vader: your mission is to hunt and capture Luke Skywalker and Lei Organa, so we can turn them into the dark side, then you shall have your own Apprentice, so we can rule the Galaxy..
Darth Snios: yes Master...
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I recently made a group dedicated to the Ahsoka turning evil (And being with Anakin) Please join, your art is amazing!…
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A very good dark twisted version of Ahsoka, nicely done.
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nice story;  also given the fact Vader lost Padem, he will try to keep Ahsoka alive, beign his only padawan and a good good friend
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And if he comes across Galen Marek, he would’ve kill the poor kid.
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Hello there! I'm a co-founder for the group StarWars4Ever :iconstarwars4ever:

We're currently holding a Sith contest, in which you have to draw any Star Wars character in their Sith-form. The contest ends on October 31st, and the winner will receive 100 points. If you're interested in entering this lovely work, please submit to this folder:…

If you want to find more details about the contest, you can read them here:…

Thank you, and good luck! :jedi:
You may very well have been predicting the future here. The new villain is Darth Tano.
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I think it would be interesting foreshadowing for Anakin's character if his Padawan fell to the dark side. That his influence in its own way contributed to her turning away from the light.
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Did you ever finish the story? Very nicely done here.
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No use, she's gonna chase you.
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im not a jedi!!!!im an anthro lucario!!
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Now add time travel and then the fun REALLY begins.
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wow this is a great piece of art :) and i really like the storyline! i can't wait to hear more ^^
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NOW I like Ahsoka.
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