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:iconjokerinaquinn:JokerinaQuinn posted a status
I'm not even mad. I mean like this crap is just funny
"Excuse me? Fucking EXCUSE ME? I tolerated your shit until I found this... abomination of a drawing. What the fuck is wrong with you? This is absolutely sick and disgusting. How fucking DARE you, you lower life form. How fucking DARE you disrespect Toon Link with this utter fucking bullshit? What the hell has society come to? How is humankind an acceptable existence with utterly dimwitted dipshits like you? I cannot believe you. I just can't. I can't believe you would take Toon Link, MY FAVORITE LINK, THE MOST FUCKING ADORABLE LINK, and do THIS BULLSHIT to him. Toon Link is an amazing character and deserves better than this. He doesn't deserve to be half-assed and humiliated like you are doing to him here. If I was Toon Link, I'd be utterly ashamed that things like this exist. In fact, I AM ashamed that things like this exist. I cannot believe this bullshit. This. Needs. To. Fucking. STOP. Please. It needs to stop. Humiliation and half-assing video game characters is unacceptable. I cannot believe people like you exist, and even worse call yourselves humans. It's these things that ruin humanity, and ruin people's faith in humanity. Not that humanity was going to amount to much, what with the world today. But this? Things like this really drive the point home- humanity is fucked."

Good job on becoming the BEST troll ever Joker Clap 

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