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1. You have to post ALL the RULES
2. Answer 12 questions that you have been asked and then create twelve of your own to tag other users to reply
3. Choose 12 victims to tag
4. Legitimately tag these 12 people
5. You can NOT say you don't do tags
6. Tag backs are TOTALLY ALLOWED
7. You must do in a journal entry
{Please do not do this if you don't want to. This is just for fun :3}

Was tagged by :icondrakjakee:

Their Questions:
1. What's your favorite Undertale AUs that's not your own? (Can add as many as you want): Damn it man we already went over all of this =w= anyways I guess it's Horrortale as of late. Dream, Ink, and Underfell are all good too.

2. What's your three favorite kids(Or characters if you're not in the family chats often) you ever made or adopted?: I'm guessing you mean my OCs or my children as I now call them.... Well in that case I have 4. I love the Quinns (Jokerina, Hexa, and Batty), as well as Jazmine.

3. What are your favorite games to play currently?: Any CoD games, The Batman Arkham series (except for Knight because I don't have it), Killzone 2 & 3, Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing (because why the hell not), and Shellshock Live 2. (There are plenty of other ones but I'll leave it at this for now)

4. Do you ship anything, if so what? (Again, can add as many as you want): Not really one to ship stuff, so none really. Sorry.

5. Have you ever thought of or actually done either art or an RP where one of your children who don't normally cross dress had to for whatever reason, if so who?: Nah, but if I did it would have been with The Quinns or Jazmine. My other children wouldn't be very comfortable with that.

6. What's your favorite natural element? (E.G, Water, fire, earth, air, ice/frost, light): Most likely ice.

7. What's your favorite of the three primary colors? (Red, Blue, or green): Red.

8. What's your favorite type of pet? (E.G, cat, dog, bird, turtle, hamster): Well it would be a cat, but since I have an adorable frog and I biased just based off of that, it has to be frogs.

9. Do you prefer single player or multiplayer games?: Single player.

10. What's your favorite three mythical creatures and why? (E.G, Dragon, fairy, unicorn, kitsune, siren, ki-rin):  I don't know that I could pick three, just cause I have studied mythical creatures since I was a kid.... But I guess dragons just because they're cool.... and I really can't think of anything else, sorry.

11. What are your favorite objects you own? (Can be literally anything): All my Suicide Squad merch, all my Batman merch, and my baby panda stuffed animal. (I've had her since I was like 5 years old, and somehow she's intact after all these years, so she's very special) Oh yeah and my majestic as faq Deadpool shirt, which I just got yesterday.  MAXIMUM EFFORT by JokerinaQuinn

12. What AUs and other projects do you own or co-own?: None ;-;

I can't really think of any questions, so I guess just feel free to give your thought on my responses or answer Drakjakee's questions, and in that case, I'll tag a few people randomly from my watchers: :iconraynaofthedead: :iconveronika-asova: :iconaerothemaverick: and :iconjentheedgelord:
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Drakjakee Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017
Oh cool, I know about all those AUs, Horrortale's a 'fun' one for sure, also cool shirt :XD:
JokerinaQuinn Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
yeah i just found out about it and i'm loving it so far :3 and thank you XD
AeroTheMaverick Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll do this soon
JokerinaQuinn Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Okke :3
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March 5, 2017