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Hey Joker fans!

A few people have pointed out that there have been many Harley Quinn submissions to this club. Now we all love Harley Quinn and we don't mind pictures of Harley with the Joker here, but if you want to submit a picture of just Harley please submit it to our affiliate group :iconharleyquinnfanclub:

Thanks! =)
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J's Ticklish HeirOne evening, the young actor Jason Maybaum was walking down the street by himself to his new home. Jason had recently moved here to N.C. and was a new student at W.C. high school. Jason was nervous and unsure about his new school because someone had told Jason about how the school had been previously plunged into complete chaos and anarchy by one lone student. The student's identity was unknown as he only called himself “J”. “I hope nothing crazy happens tomorrow.” he thought to himself. Just as Jason got to his door he felt someone watching him from behind. And when Jason turned to look behind him, he felt a hand cover his mouth and pressure on his neck and before Jason could free himself, everything went black. Jason awoke moments later in a dark dimly lit room, he was tied to a chair with his feet propped and tied to a stool. Jason sees his restraints and tries to free himself “Hey! Where am I? Why am I tied up?” he shouted, trying to break free of the restraints. Just then a sinister voice says from the darkness “well, well, well… look who’s finally awake”. Hearing this voice made Jason tremble with fear. “Who’s there? Isaac is that you? Stop playing around! This isn’t funny man! After Jason said this, an eerie laugh echoes throughout the room frightening Jason. “Look, Isaac this isn’t funny anymore man, please just let me go!” the voice then responded “I’m afraid there’s no Isaac here.” Just then, out of the shadows stepped a tall man dressed in a trench coat and hat, with his face covered in clown makeup similar to Pennywise from IT. The Very sight of the man frightened Jason to his core. “W..who are you? Why have you brought me here?”. Jason asked trembling to which “J” responded “My identity is not important, but what is important is my legacy” Jason then asked “what legacy?” “J" responded. “The Legacy of Madness!” “What do you want from me!” Jason responded and the man began to speak “Well you see, I heard that you were a new student at W.C. high school. I was a student there myself. Damn if that school didn’t drive me insane hehehe… You see, once I was a normal student like any other but then I had one bad day. And over time I became a symbol of chaos! Bringing anarchy to the school And just as I was about to turn that school into No Man’s land, a little thing called graduation happened which stopped my plans and soon afterwards the chaos vanished. And I figured that now was the time to strike and finish what I started after all those years.” Jason, now confused, asked “what does this have to do with me?” J continued “Well, as I mentioned earlier I’ve decided that I will finish what started all those years ago. I’m gonna make sure that W.C. high school becomes a complete No Man’s Land. But I can’t do it myself because that would be too predictable so I decided to do it through a fresh new unrecognizable face which would be you.” “But why me?” Jason asked. “Because you're a new student. No one will know you there.and that is why you will continue my legacy and become my ultimate revenge.” Jason then asked “And what if I refuse?” to which J responded “I will take no refusal. You will become the hair to my legacy” “You can’t make me.” Jason responded to which Jack laughed and said “Oh yes I can and I will and if you won’t agree peacefully, I’ll have torture you into submission.” hearing this, Jason Grew nervous once again “Torture me how?” J responded "If you don’t agree to become my heir I’m gonna tickle the hell out of you and I won’t stop until you do agree.” Jason gulped when he heard this. And before the young actor could say anything J grabbed Jason’s sides and tickled him. “What? NO! get off of me-EEEE! HAHAHA!” STOHOHOHOHOP!! PPLLEEAASSEE! HAHAHAHA!!!”Jason laughed as J tickled his sides. “So what’s it gonna be kid? Will you become my heir?” J asked while laughing. “No! Now stop tickling me!” Jason demanded which angered J “So be it” J hissed as his wiggling fingers inched toward Jason’s stomach. Seeing this, Jason’s eyes widened “Wait! No! I’m-” Before he can even get another word out, J pulls up Jason's shirt and digs his fingers into his stomach. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NOOOOO! HEHEHEHEHE HAHAHAHAHA!!!"Jason laughs as J's fingers basically dance all over his exposed belly. "I love how ticklish you are!” J laughs, spidering his way all over the boy’s stomach. At one point, he accidentally slips his finger into Jason's belly button and hears a slight squeak. "Oooh, I have to explore your belly button!", he says with a large smile before digging into his navel."HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!! NO! NO! NO! HEHE HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!" Jason squeals, not enjoying one second of his poor belly button having to endure this torment. "STOP! PLEASE! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!" Jason begs, trying his best to get J to listen to reason. But nothing works. J continues his assault on the poor young actor's tummy. After about ten minutes of tickling his poor stomach, J gave Jason a small break. "Please...stop", Jason begs, out of breath by this point and hoping that this torment is over. “Only if you agree to become my heir” J demanded. “No…never” Jason says between breaths ”Fine have it your way?” Jack scoffed as he went to take off Jason’s shoes. “No not my feet you better not-” Before he could finish, J had tugged off Jason’s shoes and began to tickle his feet like a madman "Nohohohahahahahaha! Stohohop! Hahahahahehehe! Please! Hahahahahaha" Jason laughed, attempting to pull his socked feet away from J. "Agree to be my heir" J says with a large smile. He continues to tickle the young actor and enjoys every second of hearing his laughter. "Hehehehehehehahahahahaha!! Please! Hahahahahaha!!" Jason laughs. J smiles as he watches Jason’s feet twitch and wiggle as he tickles him. After a few minutes of tickling, J took a break. "", Jason asks, out of breath. "Not even close, We haven't even taken off your socks" J answers. Jason's eyes grew very wide and fear filled him. "No no no no no no!! not my bare feet, Ok, Ok you win! I’ll be your heir! just don't tickle my bare feet" Jason Pleaded as J took off Jason’s white socks. After they were off the smell of sweat permeated the room. And without warning J instantly began digging his fingers into Jason’s ticklish soles "HAHAHAHAHAHA!! NOOOO!!!!HAHAHAHAHA!!!! PLEASE STOP!!! HAHAHAHAHA HEHEHEHEHE!"Jason laughs, jerking and trying to get his feet to safety. J basically blocks out his begging and focuses on the wiggling toes and how sensitive his feet were. J ran his fingers up and down the soft soles with the biggest grin on his face. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! OKAY! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! THAT'S! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!! ENOUGH!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! You win! You win!" Jason pleads, trying his best to get J to let him go. J just continues to ignore him and, before he even realizes it, J slipped his fingers in-between Jason’s toes, getting him to laugh at a high pitch. “NNOOTT THE TTTOOOEESSS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Jason shouted even louder. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! NO! NO! NO! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! PLEASE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" Jason laughs, at this point pretty much crying for it to be over. J continues sliding his fingers over his feet and loving how ticklish they were. “HAHAHAHAHAHA!! STOP! HAHAHAHAHAHA HEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!" YOU WIN!!! YOU WIN!!! Eventually J stopped and took pity on the teenager.“Please…no…’” Jason said now exhausted. “Good that’s what I wanted to hear!” J exclaimed with a smile. At this point Jason is red faced and teary eyed and can't even laugh anymore. Then, without warning, he simply passes out. J looks down at the unconscious boy that lies before him on the couch. He feels a little bad for pushing it so far, but at the same time, he knows his plans will be complete. Jason awoke moments later at home on his bed still barefoot, Jason looked around and took a sigh of relief, happy to be home and away from J’s tickling fingers. Jason looked over at his dresser and saw a box with a note attached to it. Jason picked up the note and it read: “I just wanted to say thanks again for taking up my offer to become my heir. In this box is the tool that will complete your transformation and help you turn the W.C. highschool in a No Man’s land. Use it wisely. Yours truly, J. ” Jason looked at the note first with a scowl and then a smile. He then put the note down and open the box to see clown makeup and a knife with a smaller note that says: “Put a smile on that face". The End
She-Hulk vs Joker: another brick off the 4th wallThe following Marvel/DC Comics crossover isn't canon.Jennifer Walters (aka She-Hulk) heard through the grapevine that Joker, the maniacal Clown prince of crime, is in L.A. Tonight, he’s been spotted near the E.E. Lofwylde water treatment plant and who knows: maybe he plans to poison the reservoir with his infamous Joker venom ?! The tenacious and heroic lawyer once read a well-known Batman comic issue: in it he tells about his nemesis that “his motives only make sense to him alone.”“I must hurry; I must reach that buffoon before the cops do. I’m pretty sure he chose that location due to its peculiar name.” thinks Jennifer as she drives her red sports car towards the plant. She’s listening the Judas Priest song Riding on the wind at full volume and luckily, there’s no traffic on the road. So, the frail and middle-heightened brunette reaches the plant; she parks her car nearby and exits her vehicle. Jennifer’s dressed with her purple and white tank top and wears dark blue flare jeans; her clothes (except her shoes) are made of spandex and when she becomes She-Hulk, they don’t tear and expand. “Now, time to confront that cackling, brain-dead imbecile.” mutters Walters as she ditches her footwear. After throwing her shoes in her car, she runs in direction of the red-bricked building.Meanwhile, inside the plant Joker already poured his toxin inside a vat. “I can’t wait to see and hear all the inhabitants of the city of fallen angels dying of intense laughter !” giggles the Caliph of mountebanks. As he’s about to press a button on a console, a woman’s voice is heard and Joker turns his head. “Stand back or else, prepare yourself to have your scrawny, chalk-white butt kicked back to Gotham.” Jennifer, now barefoot with her barely visible purple-painted toes, is a few meters from the extremely dangerous mass murderer. “Jeez Louise ! Who are you exactly, my shoeless, unfair lady ?” asks the guffawing green-haired man with a sharp nose. Walters undergoes a transformation: her skin and irises progressively becomes green, her hair turns black and she gains height and size. “Ooh, it’s the Green Giantess herself, or should I say the Nonsensical She-Bulk ? I know all about you Jenny: you and I have the same special ability. In fact, we can break the 4th wall and are aware that we’re in a fictional universe. Somehow, I knew that you’d come and as always, I have a trump card in my deck. Are you ready to know what it is ?” queries Joker before he starts laughing like a certifiable madman. From his bag of tricks, he takes a purple injector gun filled with a green liquid. Then, he injects it in his neck and falls on the ground. “Damn; that grinning blockhead injected Titan in his bloodstream: in a few instants he’ll rise and becomes overpowered…” sighs She-Hulk as Joker eyes opens: their irises are now glowing neon green.A few instants later, the maniac’s convulsing body gains size and height as his nails becomes razor-sharp. Also, parts of his spine and skeleton go out of his body in a hideous manner. “You blundering idiot: haven’t you played Batman: Arkham Asylum ? In the sequel, you die of Titan poisoning; even Batman wanted to save you with an antidote, even if you wouldn’t deserve it. Speaking of antidotes, I don’t see any around…” laughs She-Hulk. “I don’t know what you’re implying, but I don’t find it funny at all. Stop babbling nonsense and fight me !” growls Titan Joker as he storms towards his foe. With his left hand, he tries to slash Jennifer’s tank top and the upset heroine seizes his wrist. She twists it and Joker screams; She-Hulk takes the occasion to solidly punch him. Titan Joker’s dazed and the green-skinned woman runs towards the exit. “Catch me if you can; the readers of that story know that I’ll win the fight and humiliate you.” cackles Walters.As Jennifer is sprinting away from the water treatment facility, the deformed villain smashes the doors on impact and suddenly, he jumps towards his prey. His right foot lands on She-Hulk’s abdomen but she resiliently pushes the Ace of knaves away from her. After, she nearly kicks him in the balls but the white-skinned jester grabs her right leg; he forcibly throws Walters away from him and she lands inside a garbage container full of sharp metallic objects. “Ouch ! That hurts you bastard.” yelps the green heroine as she withdraws a beam from her left shoulder. Thankfully, due to her recuperative powers the wound instantly heals and She-Hulk rejoins the villain. “You’re really relentless, aren’t you green jeans ?” chuckles Titan Joker as his opponent looks at him with a disdainful expression. “Excuse me your jesting highness, but my jeans are dark blue: it seems you need glasses. But with or without ‘em, I’d gladly hit you anyway.” smiles Jennifer. The madman gets enraged and tries to hit She-Hulk, who dodges the clumsy attacks. Finally, she takes hold of his right hand and she sticks its nails in the concrete. “I can’t move my hand. Not fair !” moans the Clown prince. She does the same with the other hand and then, She-Hulk uses the head of the immobilized Titan Joker as a punching bag. He receives a lot of hits and in the end, she successfully kicks him in the balls. “Now, it’s time to teach you a very good and valuable lesson about wanting to kill people with your Joker venom crap.” smirks the sensational strong woman as she puts her right foot on Joker’s face. Then, she uses her big and long toes to grip his pointy nose: she pinches it and Titan Joker yells. “MY DOSE, YOU BLOKE ID YOU LEDDUCE-VACED WITDH !” babbles in an incomprehensible gibberish the villain before She-Hulk knocks his head with her joined fists. “Told you so: I won and you’re humiliated. I guess you can’t support the smell of 'defeet'.” tells Walters with a triumphant and wisecracking tone. As the Macabre master of mirth is now in la-la-land, Jennifer hears the sound of a nearby plane engine.She looks at the origin and it’s the Batwing: Batman gets out of his black vehicle and seems surprised to see his unconscious nemesis lying on the concrete. “Oh hi Bats ! I stopped that failed comedian: he wanted to poison the water plant’s reservoir, hoping to kill millions.” explains the emerald-skinned lawyer. The Dark knight detective shakes her hand and tells: “Don’t worry about him: he’s now under my care and he’ll be going to Arkham Asylum for a long time. As for the Titan in his blood, he’ll soon revert to his normal self and I’ll give him an antidote. By the way, thank you very much for what you did.” “It was nice to help you Batman: I just hope that we’ll see each other soon !” smiles She-Hulk while waving the Caped crusader. After, she walks towards her car and drives away. “Well, that’s all folks ! Hope you liked the story: see you soon !” winks the green-eyed heroine.The end
Punchline vs Beatrix KiddoThe following Batman/Kill Bill crossover isn't canon.It contains violence and strong language.On a calm summer evening, Alexis Kaye (aka Punchline) is sitting alone inside The viper’s fang, a shady bar located in San Miguel, Arizona. The Gotham City native with a face painted like a clown is on the run after killing Joker, the man responsible for her spiraling descent into madness. Since that fateful day when the late Harlequin of hate took her hostage, she became a sadistic and merciless murderess and she isn’t able to stop her rampage due to her insatiable bloodlust. In fact, her taste for revenge didn’t stop with Joker’s death and now, she kills whoever she deems unworthy; sometimes being just for fun.The young blue-eyed woman with a cyan mesh in her jet black, tied hair is dressed with a dark purple tank top; it’s decorated with X and O letters painted in neon green on her breasts. Also, she wears a pair of long dark, blue jeans with black high heeled boots, along with black fingerless gloves having the same painted letters than on her top. “What a boring night… if only someone would show their face. So I could kill them…” sighs Punchline while cruelly smiling. Suddenly, a peculiar woman enters the bar and Alexis observes her with amazed eyes.The woman has some dirt on her skin and wears a torn white shirt, which is covered with drops of blood. Also, her long blue jeans knees are slightly torn and she’s barefoot; only her toes are visible. But the most bizarre is she has a holstered katana on her back. “Nice night for a barefoot stroll in the desert, eh ? Beware of the scorpions and the snakes; they’re venomous.” laughs Kaye while looking at the mysterious patron. The blue-eyed woman, whose name is Beatrix Kiddo (aka Black Mamba), distrustfully glances at the other lady. “Where’s the barman ?” queries Beatrix. “Oh, he’s gone to the bathroom; help yourself !” tells Alexis. “So, what brings you here ?” joyfully adds the colorful woman with cold, calculating eyes. “Not your business, but I just had the fight of my life. Let’s say revenge is sweet.” curtly replies the blonde. “I see, but why are you covered with dirt while wearing nothing on your feet ?” curiously asks Punchline. “I was knocked out and then drugged; after I was tied and buried alive in a coffin. Then, with my martial arts training I managed to escape but I lost my boots…” explains Kiddo. “Interesting. Me, I killed some clown and I’m running away. Like you said, revenge is so sweet...” chuckles the young woman. Beatrix decides to ignore the obnoxious character and she goes to the bathroom; as soon as she opens the door, she sees the dead and bloody bartender lying on the ceramic floor. The dead man has multiple stab wounds on him and suddenly, a maniacal scream is heard: Punchline savagely jumps on Kiddo’s back.The clown-faced lady is now armed with twin knives and for fun, she removed her boots; her toenails are multicolored with colors matching her outfit. “I killed the motherfucker and he was alone: I only wanted to be in peace. Your presence ruined it all.” hisses Alexis. Kiddo quickly replies by giving her a headbutt on her chin; Kaye releases her prey. Then, Black Mamba jumps on her feet and draws her katana. “You don’t know with who you’re fucking with, bitch. I’m an expert assassin and I’m gonna kill you; so stop your buffooneries. Your petty stiletto knives don’t scare me.” growls Beatrix while she and Punchline circle around near the bar. “I killed a lot of people in Gotham City just to impress Joker. But guess what: not only he created me but he dared to reject me in favor of Batman.” says with disgust the picturesque lady. “You’re really naïve and dense to believe that a homicidal maniac like him would accept you.” answers Kiddo as she stops moving. She folds her toes and swings her blade: Punchline does a somersault by behind and lands on a table. Then, in a flash she takes an ashtray and violently throws it at her foe, who’s distracted. Kaye takes a chair and she blocks Beatrix’s blade hits with it; Alexis powerfully kicks her opponent’s left calf and the blonde woman drops her weapon. The woman with face make-up tries to do a roundhouse kick but Black Mamba catches her leg; then, she bites her toes. Punchline screams in pain but she manages to stab Beatrix in the right shoulder, who winces. “HAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!! You’re tough when you’re not, slut.” groans the villainess as she sticks her other knife in her enemy’s left biceps. Kiddo yelps but despite the pain, she does her most deadly move she was taught: the five point palm exploding heart technique. “What the fuck is that ?” giggles Punchline after receiving the finger hits near her heart. “You’ll see soon.” painfully smiles the assassin. She backs off from the homicidal lady and after walking 5 steps, Alexis Kaye falls on the floor while holding her chest. “Your heart just exploded, poor idiot.” hisses Kiddo as she takes back her katana. Then, she sticks it in the dead lady’s head and goes behind the bar. She finds a first aid kit: Beatrix carefully removes the stuck knives and she quickly patches her wounds. Also, there’s the late bartender’s set of keys and it contains a car remote starter; she presses the button and hears a nearby honk. “Time to get the fuck out of that rathole; I should go to the nearest hospital just in case.” mutters Black Mamba. She drives far away from the place where she could’ve died at the hands of some clown madwoman.The end
Portraits - Harley Quinn by art-E-Kan
Portraits - The Joker by art-E-Kan
Barry Keoghan as The Joker by MrSpikeArt
Joker by kimjasu

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