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Reverse AU - Abigail and Tyler Archer by JokerCarnage5 Reverse AU - Abigail and Tyler Archer :iconjokercarnage5:JokerCarnage5 5 3 Andy's Christmas Invention by JokerCarnage5 Andy's Christmas Invention :iconjokercarnage5:JokerCarnage5 9 5 Grossology S3 - The Scab Fairy by JokerCarnage5 Grossology S3 - The Scab Fairy :iconjokercarnage5:JokerCarnage5 5 0 (BNHA OC) Yokushori Ekichu by JokerCarnage5 (BNHA OC) Yokushori Ekichu :iconjokercarnage5:JokerCarnage5 2 0 S3E6 - Title Card by JokerCarnage5 S3E6 - Title Card :iconjokercarnage5:JokerCarnage5 6 0 When Abby likes a shy boi by JokerCarnage5 When Abby likes a shy boi :iconjokercarnage5:JokerCarnage5 1 0 Blood Sampler by JokerCarnage5 Blood Sampler :iconjokercarnage5:JokerCarnage5 8 3 (BNHA OC) Kikiyushi Nozomi by JokerCarnage5 (BNHA OC) Kikiyushi Nozomi :iconjokercarnage5:JokerCarnage5 0 0
The Worst Grossologists Ever (Part 3)

Grossologt S3E3.
Chapter 3

The Ty-Mobile flew on its insect-like wings above the skyscrapers of Ringworm City. As the wings buzzed, Andy was making his own sounds. “Dun dun dun dun dun dundun dundun. What do you think?”
“Sounds a bit too much like batman for me.” Ty answered.
“Okay but how about this? Mhmmm Mhmmm Mhmmm.”
“That’s a bit Star Trek-y.” Ty replied. “I just don’t know if our team needs a theme tune.”
“Of course we need a theme tune! Just imagine, a pair of bad guys trying to steal something and they hear our iconic tunes and then we swoop in and,” Andy pulled out his goopshooter and started aiming it at several directions, “Capow, capow, capow!”
Ty smiled a bit. “That actually does sound pretty cool.”
“Told yah.”
“We’re almost at the canal now. How about some stealth maneuvers, eh?” Ty said.
:iconjokercarnage5:JokerCarnage5 3 4
Ponytails and Fingerless Gloves
Abby Archer and Chester Ferris sat next to each other in the gaglab, doing their homework together. Ever since Chester and the other new Grossologist joined the bureau, the gaglab had become more than the gathering spot for their missions. Now a days, they would all come there just to hang out with each other. Some of them would come there to experiment, others came to train their fighting skills, and some came just to relax.
Chester mostly came for the company. He was afraid his mental issues would exasperate if he spent too much time alone. In that fight, Abby was his greatest ally. Chester had fallen badly for her ever since the first day they met. He had hoped his feelings for her would have dwindled by now but instead, they only grew stronger with each passing day. After the entire Kid Rot ordeal Chester was certain Abby would keep her distance from him. Instead she had been incredible friendly to him. She would smile every time they saw each other and she was often the one to ask
:iconjokercarnage5:JokerCarnage5 3 6
The Worst Grossologists Ever (Chapter 2)

Grossology S3E3.
Chapter 2:

“So, Abby? How’s the new controls feeling?” LabRat asked, smirking proudly as if he already knew the answer.
Abby looked down at LabRat on the little computer screen by the console. She had a genuine smile on her lips. “It’s amazing LabRat. I take back everything I said about boys and their toys. It’s both faster and more agile than the old GRS. And it functions just as well in the air as underground.”
The GRS-2 traveled thru the subway tunnel. Its headlights shinning the path ahead. Abby sat in the driver seat. Next to her was Naomi, riding shotgun. The younger girl seemed pretty tense but Abby figured it was just natural for a new recruit on her first mission. Abby looked over her shoulder to where Chester was sitting. “You holding up back there, Chester?”
“No, I’m not used to these kind of g-force
:iconjokercarnage5:JokerCarnage5 2 0
The Worst Grossologists Ever (Chapter 1)

Grossology S3E3.
Chapter 1

“People, I give you…The Grossgoggles!” LabRat exclaimed as he held up a pair of green goggles for everyone to see. Chester clapped his hands but once he noticed how unimpressed everyone else was he stopped clapping and looked away in embarrassment.
They had all gathered in the Gaglab for training. Naomi, Chester and Andy stood next to each other, listening attentively to what LabRat was saying. Ty and Abby was there too but they paid more attention to the new recruits than to what the young scientist was saying. It had been decided that Ty and Abby would train the three newcomers and lead them on the field so they needed to pay attention to how well the new recruits progressed during training.
“We’ve already seen them, LabRat. You did leant them to us when we went up against Fartor, remember?” Naomi stated, trying not to sound too critical.
“True but then I didn’t
:iconjokercarnage5:JokerCarnage5 1 0
The Worst Grossologists Ever (Prologue)

Grossology S3E3.

It was midmorning and Ringworm’s Subway station was buzzing with life. People of all ages where herding on and off the trains that docked by the station.
Train C21 docked at the station and opened up its doors. The train operator was a middle age man with black hair, speckled with grey and an indifferent expression on his face. This was his everyday job after all. The passengers stepped aboard. They weren’t too many and most got places to sit. After a few minutes the train closed its doors and took off.  For the first ten minutes of travel everything seemed normal.
Then suddenly, the tunnel turned pink.
Or rather the walls of the tunnel went over from black granite to something that was pale pink. The train operator stared at it in utter confusion. “What is happening?”
The passengers meanwhile, had a very similar reaction to the s
:iconjokercarnage5:JokerCarnage5 1 0
Grossology S3 - Doctor Dross by JokerCarnage5 Grossology S3 - Doctor Dross :iconjokercarnage5:JokerCarnage5 3 1
Darkest Blight: Part 2 (Epilogue)

Grossology S3E2.

It had been over a week since Fartor and Kid Rot were defeated and inside the Gaglab our two veteran Grossologists stood by the lab’s entrance. Both were smiling at what they were seeing.
“This is going to be great Abby. We won’t be a dynamic duo anymore but an entire team. Honestly, I couldn’t have picked better teammates myself.” Ty exclaimed, clearly enthusiastic about the future.
Abby was leaning against a wall with her arms crossed over her chest. “That’s true but the new recruits are still unexperienced and undisciplined.” She pushed herself off the wall to stand by her brother’s side, placing one arm atop his shoulder. “So it will be up to us to lead them, train them and set the example.”
Ty smirked. “So we’ll still be a dynamic duo.”
“Of course we will.” Abby replied. “We’ll just be a dynamic duo p
:iconjokercarnage5:JokerCarnage5 1 0
Darkest Blight: Part 2 (Chapter 6)

Grossology S3E2.
Chapter 6:
The five teenagers stared out at the bay for a while longer but they soon got fed up with the view, not to mention cold. Especially Ty. He had wrapped his arms around his chest, trying to preserve some heat but he was still shuttering. “Ple-please t-t-tell me so-someone b-b-brought hot cho-chocolate.”
Naomi stroked his back, hoping to cause some heat thru friction. “Sorry, Ty. None of us actually planned on ending up in the artic.”
“Hey! Maybe we can huddle in the Ty-Mobile.” Andy called out while thumbing to the Ty-Mobile behind him. Then the Ty-Mobile’s lid popped off its cockpit before falling on its side and catching fire. “Or not.”
Abby took up her Grossometer. “LabRat, where are you already? Some of us are freezing our butts off.”
“Your transport is almost ready, just give me a little more time.” LabRat told her with his
:iconjokercarnage5:JokerCarnage5 2 1


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