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For those that don't know, I am not a fan of the Grossology Wiki. I think its an appalling website filled with misinformation, spelling errors, fanart and headcannons that do not belong on a site that is suppose to provide facts. Due to a reason change to one of their articles I feel compelled to call them out because this time they've somehow managed to get me indirectly involved in their spreading of misinformation. If you go to the Grossology Wiki's Home Page, there's a link titled The Girls which leads to an article on the two girl character's that are always following Paige around in the series. This is what the article says; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tammy and Vicky Tammy and Vicky are two wannabe girls who follow Paige around and act as her crew/or poesy. They often join Paige in mocking and making fun of Abby and others. [hide]Contents PersonalitiesTammy Vicky Appearances Trivia Personalities
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And the winner is... Natalacy by :iconThe-Nerdinator: Good job buddy. ;) We will see when I get to making a fanfic with this oc or if there will be some other price. Hope more people can participate next Halloween.
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Grosstober is back once again. For those that don't remember, this is an art contest were you can create and audition your own original Grossology Villain. The rules for this contest are very simple. Make a drawing of your original character and submit it to DeviantArt.Remember to write For ~JokerCarnage5 ( Grosstober contest in the description so I'll get notified.;)Its up to you how detailed/descriptive you want to be with your character. If you want to include details about your character in the description (backstory, personality etc) you can but its not mandatory.It's alright to use original characters you've created earlier but you
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Can you do a fanfiction where Naomi actually becomes the bureau of Grossology after the events of School Grossed Out For Summer instead of Paige talking to the director and the detective because I really wanna see what it would look like to see Naomi to have her own Gag Lab,her own lab professor probably the woman with the purse and don't forget her gag staff from the season 3 fanfiction.

Sorry, at the moment I am to busy failing my math studies to write fanfics. Why dont you write it instead?

Cause when I think about Naomi I start to blush heavily,jump,and dance so my affliction of Naomi is higher than Ty's so that means I love Naomi plus her special place is inside my heart.

What the fuck does that have to do with what I said?

Thanks for the fav!

so what do you think?

If I've mentioned this before sorry for pestering you again

PS If your wondering about the educational part of the story maybe have Skinners miracle allergy cure include HGH (Human Growth Hormone) but have him augment it. I've learned about Human Growth Hormone from a weight loss commercial and its actually a real thing

Hey its been awhile since I wrote a comment. so I'm not sure if I mentioned this in the past and I'm sure you've got the Whole Grossology series planned out, but have you ever considered a Naomi centered episode/story?

like even though Naomi seems to accept all her allergies but secretly wishes she didn't have them and could be able do normal things and eat normal foods without having an allergic reaction. she then discovers Professor T.P, Skinner advertising a new miracle cure for all allergies so she takes it against the warning from the other grossologist and her boyfriend (given Skinners track record for epic science backfires). for a while it seems to work and she's exited about it, but then she slowly starts to change. I'm thinking maybe she starts to get taller, stronger and more emotionally spontaneous, (kinda like a she hulk reboot) and the other grossologist have to cure her before it gets out of control.