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Shaoran + Sakura

They were my OTP for most of my childhood. 

Paint Tool Sai, ~15 hours

EDIT: guh, I think I like this background better.
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Even after all these years I still love these two! :heart:
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I know, right!? :D

(And totally unrelated but I completely forgot about The Boxcar Children series until JUST NOW and it was my favorite book series as a kid! :D Thank you for inadvertently reminding me about that time in my childhood haha)
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Umm yeah I didn't plan on naming myself that. ^^;
I haven't even read the books in years.
But when I was a kid I was obsessed with it. I have most all the books now. Cause when I was a kid I was part of this 'Boxcar Children club' that gets you the books as well as extra stuff that came with it. As a kid I went crazy when I saw 'Boxcar Children map' at the Library. I even once saw a stage play for the Boxcar Children -but i Couldn't see it so well from where I was siting.- Kids made fun of me at school, but I could always count on my little corner where I would read 'Boxcar Children' books in the library.  
Numerous times I've tr'd to do at least draw one fanart for the books, but it never turns out the way I want it to.  who knows maybe someday I'll finally get to draw them the way I want to.
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Just keep trying and I'm sure you'll get it someday :) Good luck!
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I like their crossed hands and their delicate "touch"... dawwwww sorry i miss vocabulary so much to express myself correctly T_T
jojostory's avatar
I understand what you're saying! I'm happy you noticed the delicate crossed hands, I thought they would look cute that way. :) thank you!
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oooo~ pretty
They'll be my OTP forever XD
QuickStarBlossom's avatar
You can't beat childhood love! Especially the one that last forever
* ^ *
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So cute and pretty!~ >w<
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Awww, thank you :) I tried to pay tribute to the original cuteness and prettiness of Cardcaptor Sakura haha.
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