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Pokemon Ultra Beast Celebration



This was my full entry for the Z-Food Zine! I went with the concept of finally celebrating after capturing all the Ultra Beasts near the end of the game. I had a lot of fund tyring to push my coloring and composition abilities here!

Go check out the zine if you haven't already -- a lot of really cool artists participated in the project! 

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Anabel's really pretty, which is one reason why she's my favorite character from Sun and Moon. The other reason is because she's a strong trainer, and I had a lot of fun battling her! Some of her Pokémon, like her Alakazam, Mismagius, and Weavile, were easy 1-hit KO's, but boy were Salamence and Snorlax trouble! They kept KO'ing my team, but I was able to beat her first go thanks to the fact that I had a BUNCH of Revives and Full Restores on hand, so thank gosh I had the common sense to keep reviving and full restoring my team before all 6 members got knocked out.
Edit: ugh, DA messed up the Pokémon part of the comment when I posted it, so I had to go in and edit it and I saw it has registered the word the right way but didn't display it the right way, so I didn't change a thing, pressed preview, and then pressed Submit Comment to save it and correct it.
Edit 2: Anabel's expression is just so sweet! Looker's, though, is hysterical, and Nanu's is hilarious!