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Doing more color sketches! Aiming for maybe once a week?

Recently been watching Pokemon XY and got to the episode where Serena participates in her first Pokemon Showcase... I really like the character development in this show!
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ah I loved this scene in XY. It was so emotionally and character changing for Serena. You captured that beautfully. So mad she never went with Ash. Defiantly my fav character in the pokemon franchiase
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XY is what made the show great again. Serena is the best character to ever grace the show as well. Fantastic drawing on one of her best scenes :thumbsup:
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I love Pokémon XY too and your drawing is just so cute!
Bear Emoji-08 (Rolling Love) [V1] 
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God this is gorgeous <3
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lovely work man
Serena is the best :)
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Honestly one of the best scenes in the show. Serena is one of the best characters we've gotten in a long time.
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Very nice! (And I'd love to see more color sketches from you! :D)
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Yeah, good ol' XY was excellent.
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Really nice, though Serena had her hat on when she was cutting her hair short.
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Woops! I guess I was thinking too much about her hair!
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I loved that part of the series. XY/Z may not be like the original series, but it was amazing. It broke past some walls they seemed to be afraid of previously and really turned it into something great. I could list examples but I don't want to spoil anything. I loved how Serena gave herself a total makeover and really got the determination to make her dreams come true. T^T and she's so much cuter with short hair.
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Yeah! I've only watched the original series before this, and XY definitely feels very different (but similar at the same time!)
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I've seen every episode of every season (just need to catch up on the ending of XYZ before starting Sun/Moon eps) and it's really evolved over the years. No pun intended. I do wish it would pull more personality from the original series though.
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The most important moment :D
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