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Art Improvement 2000 - 2018


Had a lot of fun looking up my old stuff and putting this together! Really interesting to see what drawing habits/quirks have stuck around over time and how I’ve changed!

Template: 03-09 IMPROVEMENT MEME TEMP by Kamaniki

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I remember your stuff in high school always looked incredible. Now, your drawings are better than ever before. Looking forward to everything you do in the future!
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Wah, thanks!! It just hit me that you really have been seeing my art for a long time haha.
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weeee~ so much improvement <333 your style's so solid i love it ~ 
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yaaa thank you kido!
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I was only 15 when I started drawing, gosh I wish I started drawing earlier like you.. And now I am 16, Best of luck to us and other artists this year as well!!
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Best of luck to you! You can do it!
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Wow that improvement! :O
This should be used as an example to anyone who thinks that great artists are genius from the start
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Thanks and I'd be happy if this can be used as an example to help someone out! It really does just take a lot of practice and work!
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I still remember you posting your 2015 stuff. I can't believe it's 2018 already.
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Oh man, has it been that long? That's crazy! 
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I think you actually improved a lot in 2008-2011... if you weren't practicing a lot, maybe it was err...subconscious improvement? haha. I feel like your style really came out more and you became more confident in that period though <3
Nice improvement!
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Oh, thank you! That time period definitely corresponds to a lot of personal development as well. Maybe you're right about my art style evolving with me :)
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This gets me motivated!
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Yay, I'm glad to hear it!
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