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Coffee, Tea, or Silly Hats?

By jojoseames
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The Great V'Day Sketch Catch Extravaganzapalooza 2010, #4...for ~MadGoblin. :iconmadgoblin: :heart:

Shane tells me that he'd been planning his request for a whole year! Golly jeepers! His request was phrased as follows: "Arrio. Hermes. Tea party. Funny hats."

...I was only too happy to oblige, of course. :D

If you're unfamiliar, Mr. Vincent Arrio is a losery sort of thug from my marinading space epic, Onieros, and Hermes is the god of travel, speed, dexterity, and a bunch of miscellaneous other things, from my glammy Greek mythology comedy, Dis. :nod:

characters and art (c) J. E. Seames 2010
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... I'm obviously the only person who wants to be invited to the tea party.
So I can get a silly hat. :iconiloveitmoreplz:
and so I can hang out with Hermes :iconicameplz:

and that other guy (vincent or something) has really big hands and is kinda scary.:iconhideplz:

once again, amazing work! :iconwheeeplz: and, for like, the fith time, excuse my fangirlness. ;P
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Looks like someone sprinkled some extra love when doin' this V-Day request. I think I need to see a shrink for just gazing upon its craziness. Dem hats couldn't be any sillier.
Worth the wait.
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There...might be a little extra love in there, yeah. X3
I am so happy that you're pleased with the result. :D :heart:
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Though I love tea, I don't think I would want to join this tea party. This makes Alice in Wonderland to seem harmless (in other words, it's great). :D
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Yeah...I'm also pretty glad that I wasn't invited to this tea party. (But it sure was fun to draw!) Glad you like it!
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Why wasn't this thought of sooner? xD
It's perfect!
EmperorNortonII's avatar
Her mes seems like the kind of god who'd be into levity! :XD:
flammingcorn's avatar
Welcome. ^^ Those two are my faves, after all. :D
RebbyRebReb's avatar
Oh my god ohmygodohmygodohmygod.

You don't know how loud I just laughed. SERIOUSLY. God this is great <3
jojoseames's avatar
I'm delighted that you think so! :excited:
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