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Current status: Victim of Democracy...


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Flag of People's Republic of China Icon ultramini《中華人民共和國香港特別行政區維護國家安全法》實施中(愛國者治港)Flag of Hong Kong


About Me:


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Hello, comrades! *Salute!*


Flag of United States English:

  • Birthday: March 28

  • Nationality: Chinese (People's Republic of China)

  • Ethnicity: Han Chinese

  • Gender: Male

  • Political Orientation: Pro-Chinese Communism (Communist Party of China)

  • Current Residence: United States of America

Flag of China 中文:

  • 生日:3月28日

  • 國籍:中國人(中華人民共和國)

  • 民族:漢族

  • 性別:男

  • 政治取向:親中共(中國共産黨)

  • 目前住居:美利堅合衆國


Social Medias:


Twitter Icon Twitter: Jojolantern2000 (Less active / 不太活躍)

Instagram (2016) Icon Instagram: jojolantern2000 (Less active / 不太活躍)

Discord (color-white) Icon Discord: Jojolantern2000 🇨🇳 (🇭🇰)#3933

Furaffinity Icon FurAffinity: Jojolantern2000 (Less active / 不太活躍)


東亞漢字文化研究中心 (东亚汉字文化研究中心)

East Asia Chinese Characters Research Center

There's a group to join!


Chinese Characters Stamp

Link (網站):




Requests - Friends Only
Requests - Closed

If you want a request from me, please follow the rules!


Link (網站):

Current requests to get done:


  • @Backwards-Mechanism: Yui Hirasawa from K-on with a flag of Soviet Union (USSR)

  • ZhouNima: 王尼瑪(Derp)和王妮美(Derpina)一起在雲南省昆明市親嘴




time to eat
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Chinese Reunification:



- Joseph

Shape of The People's Republic of China (T)
Rippled Flag China
Rippled Flag ZG (China)
Xi Jinping
Tibet is part of China
E. Turkestan is Part of China


International / Regional Visitors:

國際 / 地區賓客:

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Favourite Movies
Planes (飛機總動員)
Favourite TV Shows
Television Broadcasts Company Limited (電視廣播有限公司)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
All Greater Chinese singers (所有大中華地區的歌手)
Favourite Books
Chinese characters researching books (漢子研究書本)
Tools of the Trade
Sharpie, Paper, Pencil

Post Spotlight (發帖聚光)

Few years have been passed, and I am still lacking supports, including favorites and comments on my recent drawings. You might probably have known that I kept trying my best to be as unique and popular as I can, however, everything still fails upon me. Losing some watchers, having many ex-friends, being discriminated, hated and ignored by majority of users, as well as lack of friendships. It seems that I am getting less popular. Plus, none of my watchers do not believe in me anymore. Therefore, I still do not know if I will be continuing to submit more arts on DeviantArt... In other words, decrease my popularity. Lastly, but yes. Depression is still continuing on me as usual...
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本人自創角色的外交關係 Pokémon Ga-Kwok (Edmonton) Birth: July 2, 1923 Political Party: Communist Party of China Occupation: Politician Foreign Diplomacy: 1950 - North Korea (Diplomatic Partner: Jong-san) 2021 - Afghanistan (Diplomatic Partner: Khandawar) Jong-san Birth: April 5, 1924 Political Party: Worker's Party of Korea Occupation: Politician Foreign Diplomacy: 1950 - China (Diplomatic Partner: Ga-Kwok) 2000 - Russia Planes Manchester Chung Birth: July 10, 1927 Political Party: Communist Party of China Occupation: Military commander Foreign Diplomacy: 2018 - Russia (Diplomatic Partner: Zabivaka) 2022 - Ukraine Khalel Pang Birth: June 9, 1939 Political Party: Communist Party of China Occupation: Military commander Foreign Diplomacy: 2023 - Cuba
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Thanks for the faves.

Thanks for the favs



Thank you so much for faving!!