Favorite Franchise? (comment why)
1975 votes
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
Star Wars
Marvel Universe
DC Comics Universe
Doctor Who
Hunger Games
Other (comment)
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By JoJoesArt
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EndlessVoid11New Deviant

Harry Potter cause Idk I started reading it recently and I'm on the second book I think it's awesome so....yeah.

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Hunger Games! Cuz i have always loved the character Katniss and she was so inspirational to me.<3 The movie was nothing compared to the book tho😅


Marvel because I always loved heroes that are more Human than Super. Spider-Man being my favorite as a kid and still is my one of my favorites.

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Also, did you know Harry Potter is one of the most read series ever?

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EndlessVoid11New Deviant

YES HARRY POTTER ROCKS HOwever I'm only on the second book, only slightly more then halfway through so...^^;

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ZotcoHobbyist General Artist

Doctor Who for so many reasons ! It's a weird franchise with so many good ideas and characters. This mix between sci fi, history and british humor … Moreover the OST is always good ! The Doctor himself ( or herself now) is an interesting character and I think each actor brings him/her an interesting new touch each time ( even if I prefer David Tennant )

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ChibiChiiiHobbyist Interface Designer
BBC Merlin! Loved the Fandom and the series. I think it's one of the best arthurian works out there and Colin Morgan is just adorable.
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Kingdom Hearts! I love the story and characters, plus Disney and Final Fantasy lol
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SoundwaveCheese777Hobbyist General Artist
I'll have to say Pokemon cause There's no TFP xD
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Three of them are to close to pick so Ill go with my top three on the list
Star Wars(original trilogy) because its revolutionary special effects, good story, very quotable.

Lord of the rings because the journey is amazing not many trilogies manage to stay consistently good for all three movies. The mythologies are going to live forever.

Marvel because it proved that movie cinematic universes can work if you put in the effort, its escalated to the point of being greek myths a lot like the dark knight movie. Its a crowd pleaser that actually takes its audience serious enough to make us care about the characters.

Sorry for cheating its a three way tie for me.
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LaceX-FoxypowowHobbyist General Artist
Pokemon. I grew up with it mostly, but it's always been a fun time. It's timeless.
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At first, I was going to put down LOTR since I love the series so much, but realized I'm a little luke-warm on some of their prequal choices. Not all, but enough where I believe I am more satisfied with the Marvel Universe as a whole.
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Enderphoenix11 Digital Artist
Please don't make me choose.. I love them all (though, to varying degrees).
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TabiiKatHobbyist General Artist
Starwars, because whether you watch it for the flashy lights, the fight scenes, or the romance/plot... you can interpret the struggle of light and dark so many ways.  I'm not even much for the merchandise, which is a major selling point for many.
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CattheCowardlyLionHobbyist Digital Artist
Warriors series byErin Hunter and the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. These are the first books I've read ever and they influence my writing style and the stories I love!
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I love all the heroes of the Universe Marvel, because they are the most interesting
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dreamsborninfire Photographer
Marvel cuz bucky :3
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AlonDarsSister Traditional Artist
I chose Doctor Who, but I love almost all of the ones listed.
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ParalynxHobbyist General Artist
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Lord of the Rings. Partly because it was my first. Partly because of how hopeful and loving and beautiful it all is. No matter where I go in life, I always come back to this world when I feel the need to come home. The music, the characters, everything just makes me feel so emotional. In a good way!
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TheMorlockStudent General Artist
I enjoy mythic narratives so I love Star Wars. I love the direction the new movies are taking it and I'm excited to see how they wrap it up in the next one.
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I'm a fan of four of the franchises listed here; however, if I had to pick one, my choice would be the Marvel Universe. I learned that a true heroes are the ones who know when & where to stand their ground and remember to be human even more than being a hero at times.
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Nindroid13Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pokemon because I grew up with it
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GrimTurtle666Hobbyist Photographer
Star Wars because it was the first time something made my mind expand past my known reality. My dad and I have watched every Star Wars film together and I'll always cherish them because of that. The Chronicles of Narnia books are a close second to Star Wars. These two franchises are why I still to this day love sci-fi and fantasy.
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